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Awesome Videos
Short, Awesome Video Clips Will Leave You Inspired

Awesome Videos

These short, awesome videos will leave you breathless and wanting more. Almost everyone who has watched these short video clips has come away deeply inspired. May we spread the inspiration to those around us and encourage each other to be the most amazing people we can be. For other awesome resources, don't miss our engaging Inspiration Center.

Awesome Video #1 : Unbelievably Lucky (1 minute)

Awesome Video #2 : People are Awesome! (5 minutes)

Awesome Video #3 : Girl Saves Dad With 911 Call (4 minutes)

Awesome Video #4 : Life = Risk (1 minute)

Awesome Video #5 : JFK Assassination: History Channel Questions (5 minutes)

Awesome Video #6 : Wingsuit Demo (People can fly!) (4 minutes)

Awesome Video #7 : Boy Remembers Past Life as WWII Pilot? (4 minutes)

Awesome Video #1: Unbelievably Lucky

After viewing this awesome video which is only 60 seconds long, you will be stunned at the unbelievable luck of this highly unusual artist. Though Dan Keplinger's art is notable, what he has done with his life will blow you away. Once you've viewed the video, take a minute or more to absorb the powerful message. Consider that you, too, just might be more lucky than you thought. - one-minute awesome video clip

Awesome Video #2: People are Awesome!

Watch some of the most awesome people on the planet do things that seem completely impossible. Here you will see unbelievable world-class skiers, skateboarders, divers, golfers, basketball players, and lots more perform feats that are beyond human. The very first clip features an amazing young man who performs a stunning back flip in his wheelchair. If you want to really appreciate that first clip before watching this awesome video, click here for a four-minute video giving background. - 5-minute awesome video clip

Awesome Video #3: Girl Saves Dad With 911 Call

An adorable five-year-old girl saves her dad's life by taking over the phone on a 911 call when her dad can no longer breathe. She handles a very scary situation with amazing grace and poise, and is even concerned about how she will look when the ambulance arrives. This awesome video clip can't help but bring a big smile to your face. - Awesome 4-min. video

Awesome Video #4: Life = Risk

How much inspiration can you pack into one minute? This awesome video introduces numerous people whose lives were initially plagued by failure. But something changed and each of these individuals went on to become world famous. As Thomas Edison commented on his many attempts at creating the electric light, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Comfort with failure can be one of the keys to success. Enjoy this powerfully inspiring piece. And for an astounding essay on others who turned repeated failure into unmitigated success, click here. - one-minute awesome video clip

Awesome Video #5: JFK Assassination: History Channel Has Questions

The John F. Kennedy assassination has been a source of intrigue from the day it happened back in 1963. The below awesome video clip is taken from a nine-part History Channel series titled "The Men Who Killed Kennedy." In this five-minute clip, Oswald's killer Jack Ruby states, "the world will never know the true facts." Ruby implicates people in very high positions. Other key experts also raise serious questions about the assassination. Links are provided to purchase this highly revealing documentary and to watch parts of it free online. For another key, 48-minute documentary by an NBC affiliate station raising serious questions about the JFK assassination, click here. - 5-min. video clip

Awesome Video #6: Wingsuit Demo (People can fly!)

Wingsuit flying involves suiting up in a state-of-the-art Teflon winged suit, jumping out of a helicopter or off a cliff edge thousands of feet up and flying terrifyingly close to some of the world's most dangerous mountain faces before pulling a parachute at the very last minute. It is the closest anyone has ever come to the dream of flight, and it is extremely dangerous. One mistake can lead to instant death. Jeb Corliss has a self-confessed death wish. He says the thrill he gets from skirting the world's famous mountain cliffs is the best way to free himself from his dark moods and suicidal thoughts. This awesome video clip starts with Jeb on his quest to fly down Switzerland's Matterhorn within feet of the jagged cliff-face. For another great four-minute wingsuit video, click here. - 4-minute awesome video clip

Awesome Video #7: Boy Remembers Past Life as WWII Pilot?

As a young boy James Leininger started talking about war planes almost as soon as he could talk. According to the below news reports on Fox and ABC News, by the time he was age seven, he could describe details of being shot down in a past life where he was a WWII U.S. Navy fighter pilot. Even more amazing, he could remember the name of the ship on which he was stationed and the names of his former crewmates, who he recognized on meeting as a child in this lifetime! Watch the awesome video clips of this intriguing story below. And for several most amazing stories of what happened to people who were declared clinically dead, but then came back to life, click here. - 4-minute Fox News video clip - 5 minute ABC clip

We invite you to share these awesome videos with your friends and colleagues. Using the amazing power of the Internet, we can send waves of meaningful inspiration around our planet. For another list of some of the most inspiring short videos you can find on the Internet, click here. Thanks for being who you are, and have a most wonderful and awesome day, week, and life ahead!

Special Note: This list was compiled by Fred Burks for and PEERS. Fred is a former language interpreter for Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. For anyone interested in an engaging 24-minute radio interview describing his high-level interpreting activities and more, click here. This talk is from his appearance in an episode titled "Journeys Toward Truth" on the excellent program Hitchhiking Off the Map. Though not at the level of the above videos, you may find his story to be awesome in its own way.

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