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My Life Purpose
Toni's Statement of Life Purpose and Intentions

My Life Purpose

My life purpose is to experience life in all of its many forms
as fully and consciously as possible,
and to bring positive change into this world.

My Life Intentions

It is my intention to treat myself better,
to learn to love myself in all my humanity,
and to remain conscious of who and what I really am.

It is my intention to provide a loving, nurturing home
for my children, grandchildren, friends and family
with an atmosphere that honors and respects all life in harmony with nature.

It is my intention to do what is best for all,
including myself, but not at the exclusion of others.

I will be calmer, gentler, kinder and
more patient, tolerant and peaceful with each moment.

It is my intention to experience everything that I can
as fully as I can with acceptance and love.

I want to see all of this big, beautiful blue planet
and meet many more of our people and other inhabitants of our Universe.

I intend to care deeply for the life force in everyone,
and welcome change for the good of all.

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