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Media Orchestration
Proof of Media Orchestration in News Reports, Speeches

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Dear friends,

24 news stations use exactly the same words to deliver a news story. The prime ministers of Canada and Australia use exactly the same words to deliver a speech in support of the Iraq war. Fox News threatens, attempts to bribe, and then fires two courageous reporters for exposing blatant health risks from hormones in our milk. Clearly someone is orchestrating public perception on a grand scale.

The three short video clips below prove beyond doubt that public perception is being manipulated through the media for the purposes of those in power. The first three-minute clip shows a news story being repeated word for word on no less than 24 different TV stations. [Access video page]

If the video doesn't show here, watch it a this link.

The next video (three minutes) juxtaposes a speech promoting the Iraq war given in the Canadian parliament by future prime minister Steven Harper with one given by Australian prime minister John Howard to his parliament just two days earlier in 2003. The speeches match almost word for word. [Access video page]

If the video doesn't show here, watch it a this link.

For further powerful evidence that certain factions of the world's power elite manipulate the public into supporting war, read an incredible two-page summary of the book War is a Racket, written by one of the most decorated American generals ever.

The final 10-minute segment below reveals how two courageous Fox News reporters tried to uncover the truth about the dangers of hormones in our milk, yet were then repeatedly slammed by corporate management at Fox and prevented from presenting their story. [Access video page]

If the video doesn't show here, watch it a this link.

Though banned in every developed country but the U.S., rBGH continues to be legal and used on cows in the U.S. Read more about this story on this revealing webpage.

The above revealing case is but one example of many top reporters who uncovered major stories which should have made top headlines, but who were then ruthlessly shut down by corporate ownership of the media. Read a concise summary of the riveting reports of other award-winning journalists who had their mind-boggling stories completely censored.

All three videos above show that though there is some freedom of the press, powerful groups are orchestrating how news is delivered and even what gains public attention. Many of the most impactful stories that could create major change in our world are so completely censored that they never make the news.

By educating ourselves and others to how public perception is being manipulated and orchestrated, we can break free and make a big difference. For great ideas on what you can do to escape media control, don't miss the suggestions in the box below. And thanks for caring.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

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