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Remote Viewing Video Documentary
CIA chief, top generals talk of support for remote viewing

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Remote viewing involves a set of precise protocols used by the U.S. military and CIA to develop psychic spies. As bizarre as it may seem, top government officials have dabbled in ESP and the psychic realm for many decades. Though the government officially denied the existence of such programs for decades, secret documents now declassified show the first government-sponsored remote viewing program began in 1970.

Remote viewing is a technique whereby trained individuals enter into a meditative state to access subtle levels of consciousness in which they are able to somehow sense remote locations and describe what they see there. The ability to view objects remotely has clear advantages for intelligence gathering. A good example of how this is done can be seen in the four-minute news clip at the link below.

For a more detailed description of remote viewing and how it is accomplished, see the excellent explanation on the website of the International Remote Viewing Association available here.

The original impetus for U.S. remote viewing programs was the discovery by military and intelligence services in the 1960s that the Soviets were spending millions of dollars and having considerable success in using ESP and psychic spies to break through U.S. security barriers.

Not wanting to be left behind in any spying or intelligence capability, no matter how exotic, top government officials contracted in 1972 with SRI (Stanford Research Institute) to develop the first of several remote viewing programs which operated under code names such as Project Scanate, Project Grill Flame, and the Stargate Project.

CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner and several top generals eventually became strong supporters of the remote viewing program as an effective means to develop psychic spies. Though the official existence of this project was kept secret and even denied until 1995, millions of dollars were poured into what became a major government undertaking using both military and civilian personnel.

Through remote viewing programs, a set of scientifically based protocols were developed by which many people, even those without prior psychic abilities, were able to describe remote objects with some accuracy. To see declassified government documents on remote viewing, click here. For an eye-opening documentary including interviews with CIA Director Stansfield, top generals, and key individuals in the remote viewing programs, see the link below:

It's interesting to note that several key players in the remote viewing programs were high level Scientologists. For more on this, click here.

For an excellent, well researched document showing the strange and convoluted relationship between remote viewing and Scientology, click here. For an excellent and engaging autobiography by Joseph McMoneagle, one of the top remote viewers, click here. And to download a tell-all autobiography by Ingo Swann, the most acclaimed of the remote viewers, click here. To further educate yourself on remote viewing, psychic spies, and mind control projects see the box below.

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  • Read declassified CIA documents about serious experiments and research into ESP at this link. Pages 10 - 22 are most relevant. The title of this CIA documents is "Experimental Analysis of Extrasensory Perception." The revealing page 18 is available here.
  • Inform your media and political representatives of this important information. To contact those close to you, click here. Urge them to bring greater public awareness to the topics of remote viewing, psychic spies, and mind control..
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Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

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