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Top Military and Government Officials Testify on UFO Cover-up

Here are some fascinating statements by high-ranking military and government officials regarding UFOs. These testimonies are taken from the book Disclosure (page numbers cited below), compiled and edited by Steven M. Greer, MD. You can verify these statements by ordering the book, or the videotaped testimony of these witnesses upon which the book is based, at

Mercury & Gemini Astronaut, Col. Gordon Cooper–A saucer flew over us and landed on the dry lakebed. The cameramen went out with their cameras towards the UFO. I had a chance to hold the film up to the window to look at it.  Good close-up shots. There was no doubt in my mind that it was made someplace other than this earth. pp.  226 - 227. 

US Army, General Stephen Lovekin–Col. Holomon brought out a piece of what appeared to be metallic debris. He explained that this material had come from the 1947 crash of an extraterrestrial craft....I got an opportunity to travel with President Eisenhower. He was very interested in what made the UFOs go....But Eisenhower got sold out. He realized that the study of these technologies was not going to be in the best hands. pp. 230 - 235


Former Director of CIA, Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter–Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, citizens are led to believe they are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel. p. 58 (this quote is taken from an article in the New York Times, Feb. 28, 1960, p. L30, click link for the full article)

FAA Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations, John Callahan–the UFO was bouncing around the 747....Well, I've been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. I've got a videotape. I've got the voice tape. I've got the reports that were filed. pp. 80 – 85

US Marine Corps, Captain Bill Uhouse–The flight simulator was for the extraterrestrial craft they had–a 30 meter one that crashed in Kingman, Arizona, back in 1953. I was inside the actual alien craft for a start-up. pp.  384, 385.

Russian Air Force, Space Communications Center, General Vasily Alexeyev–They came up with a table with pictures of all the shapes of UFOs that had ever been recorded - about fifty....The study of UFOs may reveal some new forms of energy to us, or at least bring us closer to a solution. pp. 346 – 347.

For more on these and other eye-opening UFO facts, go to the two-page summary of Disclosure at Or even better, go straight to the information-packed 10-page summary at The testimonies of most of these officials were obtained during live video recordings made by the Disclosure Project. These witness videos and the book Disclosure are available at

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