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Recognizing and Classifying Programming

A discussion by Pamela J. Monday, Ph.D., LPC
and Denny Hilgers

(Note from the authors: The purpose of this article is to assist interested parties in recognizing and identifying the complex nature of mind control programming. While therapeutic techniques are mentioned, it is assumed that only experienced therapists under expert supervision will use these techniques, and only in the context of ongoing psychotherapy.)

Many Sadistic Ritual Abuse Survivors who have been diagnosed as having Multiple Personality Disorder (SRA/MPD), have been programmed in systematic, complex ways. By programming, we mean that the human, in a dissociated or altered mind state, has been systematically and deliberately taught lessons, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and responses to specific cues ("triggers") so as to respond on command in ways that benefit the person/groups responsible for the programming.

There has been much controversy about whether the human mind functions as a computer; many clinicians believe that it is impossible to "program" the human brain. However, we have learned from survivors, including those whose job within a cult/organized group, was to "program" others, that indeed, it is possible to instill very complex information in the unconscious mind, and to use this information to ensure control of the human by controlling the mind.

Survivors have told us that a group of programmers may travel from location to location, teaching members of various "cults" or other organized groups how to program their victims so as to ensure optimal mind control. By programming an SRA/MPD's system, the programmer can maintain constant contact with the survivor. This contact permits knowledge of a victim's location at any time and also allows manipulation of the victim to perform acts he/she would ordinarily be unwilling to do. Programmed mind control reinforces the lesson survivors tell us that all cult victims are taught, namely, that he/she cannot escape from the cult or perpetrating group.

The programming is done in very complex ways so as to maximize the use of amnestic barriers between personalities, thereby preventing any one personality from having all of the information about how they are being controlled. Knowledge is power; by compartmentalizing knowledge throughout the system (i.e., the mind), the programmer or programming group has power over the victim.

Basic therapeutic goals are: reducing amnestic barriers between personalities so that they can cooperate and share knowledge; finding the original memory of how the personality was created and thus uncovering the programming information (including how programming was done as well as perpetrator identity and triggers); and using imagery, cognitive restructuring, and other empowering therapeutic interventions to help the patient get back control over their own mind. However, the sophisticated programming that we are seeing in some survivors makes our task very difficult.

Programming occurs after the creation of a new personality via the usual techniques of trauma and torture. While there is some evidence that with sophisticated computer equipment that creates altered states of consciousness via audio waves or manipulation of the visual field, a trauma base for programming is no longer necessary, the vast majority of our patients will have personalities created through torture.

Survivors report that one form of programming involves the use of a physical image, for example, a picture or portion of a video. In an hypnotic state, the personality readily accepts this image as reality in his/her life. It is speculated that the "internal landscapes" that patients see inside have been created in part through the use of these visual images that have been internalized as reality. This may explain why survivors have similar "landmarks" within their internal landscapes such as a castle, carousel, Kabul, umbrella, puppet, cave, etc., that, when drawn and compared with the drawings from other survivors, look very much alike in design and detail.

Many survivors report that they have internal computers that control information within their systems (this has especially been reported from survivors who report "military" mind control programming). The internalized computer usually lies deeply hidden within the unconscious but over time, its presence may be revealed to the victim. As communication between personalities and between levels proceeds, someone inside may know about the Internal Programmer, or Information System Specialist, the Controller, or simply the one who's job it is to program the system.

Within the internal computer, grids and "clone" grids (or duplicators) house the different programs. Visualize a piece of graph paper (grids) with the space within each square having several programs within it. "Clones" are back-ups, so that if an entire grid, or even one program, is neutralized (deprogrammed), a replacement is spontaneously generated. Thus, it is vital that the duplicators be dealt with as programs are erased or decoded.

Within a complete system, there are usually many levels and combinations of programs. The victim most likely will have no knowledge of their internal programmer because as programming commences, erasure codes, block codes, stop codes, and "brain switch" commands (having to do with right/left hemisphere functioning) have been put in to prohibit disclosure of deeply buried information about the internal computer. On each level, there most likely will be a computer and a back-up computer.

As communication between personalities and levels increases, it is possible to obtain the different codes from controllers inside the system on each level so that "deprogramming" using codes (such as number, alphabet or rhyme codes) can occur. This can be very dangerous, however, because there are booby traps and safeguards within the system that are programmed in to prevent any outside source from getting into the system.

It helps to think of the programming as a very sophisticated Nintendo game, where there are many levels, secrets, and hazards. It is vital to proceed with caution, and with the full cooperation of the client, as only they can know where the dangers lie. Understand that as you get close to secret or hidden information that will help you move deeper into the system, the danger of internal or external harm to the client increases. Suicide programming will often be set off, and should be expected.

Survivors report that programmers place "Gatekeepers" and "Blockers" in the system to protect hidden information, often by keeping you from reaching the inside people who can help decode the system. These must be found and removed in order to proceed with therapy. They may be identified by direct questioning, or they may appear as "guards" in the internal landscape, standing by a door or wall, or literally in front of a gate or other physical barrier.

Some of these gatekeepers and blockers may be personalities or they may be perceived as "spirits". This is especially true with individuals who may have been abused by groups purporting to worship Satan. (For a Biblical understanding of the role of gatekeepers who block the "doorway", See John 10). The use of imagery to bind or enclose the gatekeepers is often useful.

If the gatekeepers see themselves as spirits, they can be particularly difficult. They may present as individuals who are just "passing through" the body, and are not afraid of harm to the body because they will just" go to the next body." Sometimes they present as very aggressive; at times these aggressive ones may be personalities who are projecting themselves as spirits because of their deep guilt; identifying with the "evil" spirit is a way of gaining mastery and control, and should be dealt with in typical therapeutic fashion. If your therapy includes knowledge of and use of spiritual information and imagery, this would be a good place to use it.

Some of the booby traps you may run across include personalities whose job it is to direct you off course and provide false information. Others may ask you questions or try to get you to ask them questions (making you think you're getting somewhere) only to find that what they are doing is setting a suicide or self-mutilation program in motion. An example is a client who, when she heard the phrase, "Why did the chicken cross the street?" would self-destruct. Another asked the therapist, "How old are you?" (response) "When's your birthday?", etc., and the answers were triggers for the internal self-destruct program. The personality asking the questions had no knowledge of why she was asking them, only that she "had to".

Many MPD patients report having a "stairwell system" internally. The stairwells are what connect the different levels. Sometimes the internal people will locate a stairwell that is sealed up, and a gatekeeper is there. Deal with the gatekeeper, break the seal, and proceed down to the next level.

As you proceed through the levels, you may find that at the first couple of levels, you will get much flooding and spinning. The programs you may be dealing with are the "Tornado" or "Whirlwind" programs. The tornadoes function to create confusion and disorganization and a sense of being lost, being out of control. Tornadoes float around the different systems. Visual imagery of walls around the tornadoes to enclose them has often been useful. The "whirlwind" spins inward, "sucking one in" instead of outward; the result is to create a sensation of shutting down, shutting up, and feeling as if the person is going to die.

The various systems that have been reported and worked by these authors include differing levels of complexity. Systems include: Spider Web, Carousel, Pool of Death, Communication, Kabbala, Puppet, Pentagram, Tornado, Castle, Galaxy, Flower, Scrabble, and Umbrella systems. Associated with "military" mind control programming are: Double Helix, Solometric, Cave and Well, and the Mensa systems. Space limitations prevent discussion of each of these systems, but illustrations of the difficulties in working with some of these systems follow.

The Pentagram (or star) system is often connected to the Tornado system. Rituals are tied to this system. There are many cult-created alters within this system. You may see personalities who are re-enacting rituals (such as attempting to kill the host's cat, etc.) Traumatic memories reveal Satanic ritual abuse themes.

The Castle system involves internal imagery of a castle containing a drawbridge, moat, turrets, gargoyles, dungeon, secret passageways, torture chamber, and lots of rooms. Child alters are often hidden in the dungeon. Lots of programs can be contained within the castle, and many booby traps can be present that must be overcome.

The Spider Web system is very complex. Communication between personalities proceeds through the strands. In order to break the negative communication, the strands must be broken, but understand that the internal self-helpers often also must communicate through the strands. You will often find a black widow spider (symbolic of the "black widows" used by Satanists to recruit new members, especially in churches and in clubs where youth congregates) with victims getting "stuck" in the web. Viper is a spirit associated with this system (see Isaiah 59:5 for the Biblical basis of this system). Gatekeepers are present; you may also find eggs, personalities named "Viper" or "Devourer" or those who binge and purge.

In order to break this program, it is important to break the connectors (the silk strands) that connect the webs and hold them in place; remember to destroy the clone strands so new webs can't be spun. In this program, the clones immediately spin new webs that are double connected and more difficult to remove. If the "viper" is present, the tail and fangs can be removed (they contain poison) and the poison in the eggs can be removed (trapped personalities as well as "demons" are often found in the eggs).

The Flower system involves criss-cross programming, i.e., three or four people may have been programmed together so that one person only has a piece of the programming. In order to get to that piece, you must have access to the other piece which resides in another person. Internally, the flower system may show up as flowers with lots of colors, with the bud representing one person, the stem and flower representing other people. This system is often connected to other systems such as Pi, Umbrella, Triangle and Star.

The Mensa system (reportedly involving military and Illuminati programming) involves lots of numbers and sequences along with bar codes and union force codes. Union force would have to do with a set of numbers that would equal another set to come up with yet another set: e.g., a+b=c, b+c=a, c+b=a. A person could be programmed to respond to this very complex code. These codes are extremely difficult to discover in order to neutralize responses to the codes. The Mensa system will often have the Double Helix system within it. This system is connected with DNA; the patient has usually had lots of blood transfusions. Programming reportedly has been done through medical abuse by hospitals and doctors. Hospitalization is generally required to work with this system, as it is so complex and so may suicide programs are involved.

The Carousel is usually found in the center of the Double Helix. Within the carousel there are mirrors and a shadow system. There is a key in the center of the carousel. The carousel spins and moves up and down repeatedly. The function of this program is to add confusion and avoidance. The mirrors and shadows are within the carousel which help prevent further deprogramming. Often the use of special light to light up the right path through the mirrors and shadows in order to reach the key has been helpful. Spiritual Interventions can be helpful here, as three "floating spirits" (False Prophet, Hoofed One, and Dragon) are frequently found in this program.

The Scrabble system contains letters, numbers, and mathematical exponents. This is a very detailed system, with no room for error. A sequence of numbers or letters might set off this programming. For example, if the therapist writes a series of numbers such as "31133113", "13113311", or "11331313", and the patient responds to one or all of these series of numbers, you may have the Scrabble system. There is a lot of torture and trauma associated with this program because it is so sophisticated and difficult to learn. As programming proceeds, any mistakes made by the survivor will be severely punished.

Final Note: For an excellent, detailed book on deprogramming survivors of SRA/MPD available free online, click here.

This site contains copyrighted material the use of which, in some cases, has not been authorized by the copyright owner. This material is made available for educational purposes and not for profit. This constitutes fair use in keeping with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.

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If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. --Kathleen Sullivan

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