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German Guy
Intelligence Insider Reveals Inspiring Network

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Reports from a purported German Intelligence insider. Although we cannot verify much of what he writes, we have however managed to partially substantiate two of his claims: on the death of Jurgen Molleman and "Patagonia", see links at the foot of page. Ed.

The Library

From a former Bundesnachrichtendienst member Dec 19, 2004

I would now very much like to provide you with some information about "The Library", and this I shall do more extensively in an another post at a happier time.

However, for those of you who have struggled for years to understand and disseminate the truth, from the origins of the First World War to Pearl Harbour, from the Hidden Hand assassination of President Kennedy to that of Dr David Kelly, from the deliberate bankrupting of western industrial nations to the attacks of September 11, let me assure you that you have an ally in "The Library" and that your long years of anguish and confusion are almost over.

If one thing is guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of those who belong to the Hidden Hand and the Wolfowitz Network, whose globalist nightmare they wish to impose on all of us, it is the mention of "The Library". It may come as a huge surprise to many ordinary citizens to learn that intelligence services the world over unknowingly and unwittingly employ men and women of good character who care about the truth and who envisage a world free of the Hidden Hand that cares only for its own material wealth, power, pleasures and survival.

"The Library" is both an informal, non-hierarchical fraternity of currently employed, retired, disillusioned and "officially deceased" operatives, analysts and technicians and a very real, hidden and secured repository of classified and "destroyed" inside information that tells the true history of the last 100 years. The eldest member of "The Library" is 85 years old; the youngest is 24.

Many who are retired from active service, such as myself in Germany, continue to work the intelligence world in a strictly unpaid, anonymous and private fashion. Others, such as my younger friend and technical partner "Felix", who is still a quasi-employee of the BND, work both sides of the fence, seeing through the good work of recording every misdeed, every suppression of the truth, every lie, every deceit, every detail that is deserving of a place in "The Library". Felix is joined in numbers by his counterparts in the CIA, FBI, MI6, Mossad, Shin Bet, NSA, US Naval Intelligence, DGSE, FSB, DIA, ASIS, CNI, DST, ADIV, CSIS, CESID, PSIA, DISI and many more. All nationalities, all cultures, all faiths.

We shall always remain anonymous, the shadow watching the shadow. Sometimes we leak "classified" information at critical moments (and we all know and accept the risks involved), and at other moments we work stealthily behind the scenes to apply pressure where we feel such pressure can help avert major crimes against humanity, gently correcting the course pursued by the madmen who rule this world. It is not our intention to make a big noise or grab the limelight, for that is the path of power politics and the glamour of the all-consuming ego. Instead, we practise diligence, patience and careful strategic thinking.

We all have children or grandchildren, or wish to live long enough to bring them into a world of free and independent nation states, each sovereign and inviolable in its own right. The information I have provided you in the course of my communications is but nothing in comparison with what "The Library" holds; and I hope we live long enough to open the door and let the reader hold an open book on the truth he has been denied.

Yet the clock is ticking and time is no longer on our side. They are devising new ways to track us and stamp us with their identifying tags, so that none may live in this world free from their constant gaze. There will be no place to hide from their evil eye.

The next seven days potentially represent the most dangerous since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

We have followed the progress made by Mr Wolfowitz and his ilk in their long march through the institutions. We observed how he planned and authorised the 9-11 attacks on the American people and the world, and we warned but were thwarted in all our attempts to stop this horrific crime. Now he has set his sights on destroying another American city, this time with nuclear weaponry, to purchase with the blood of innocent Americans yet another fake war waged in the name of corporate global control and at the dictates of the nefarious Hidden Hand.

In the days that we have left to us, we shall continue to scrutinise every intercept and question all-comers, whether diplomatic and intelligence staff here in Germany or others sympathetic to "The Library" elsewhere.

We shall do our part. I ask only that you do yours.

It is 04.57 CET, and I am very tired.

More on "The Library"

Those of the intelligence community, government, and military/industrial/intelligence complex that have become disillusioned with the operations of governments world wide have "come out" with critical documents. These documents map the history, sources, personage, events in rising, and the money trail of the hands and fingers of the New World Order conspiracy.

For a number of years, documents have been maintained in an underground library as protection for those that cared to come out and contribute. Each has "insurance" assigned by the library with a "Threat of Release" for certain documents as protection for contributors and their families. Many members choose to remain in their influential positions while serving the purposes of the "Library" and recruit other disgruntled key figures.

Information contained in the Library (distributed worldwide with no single source of cognizance-distributed architecture with built in firewalls) includes info dating back to the "Hoover Files". If the "Library" were to go public in full, various world governments could easily be indicted in a legitimate court of law (If such existed).

It is not our collective desire to overthrow governments (this is the modus operandi of the NWO we oppose). To do so would throw nations into chaos with the open indictment of some of their most prominent figures.

The World Order promoters thrive on thesis and anti-thesis and resulting chaos as seen in the recent and past events they have secretly concocted. We instead, maintain and disseminate at critical times, the only thing they fear: truth, the proof of the truth, and exposure of their operations in a controlled fashion.

Our operations have included our direct involvement in and exposure of Iran/Contra, Arms for Hostages, The CIA bank, Offshore money laundering (Carolco studios via BCCI as principle agent), Whitewater, name a few.

In view of the wealth, power, and agents of the NWO, they cannot be overcome in a collective fashion from without. We believe they can be overcome from within. In recent years, many have become disillusioned in new policies and actions conducted by their group and have opted to recruit from within towards the end of the NWO. We believe, eventually, our group within the "Library" will overcome the influence and power of the NWO core personalities.

Currently, in this country, illicit funds garnered through money laundering schemes (Carolco, Hughes Medical Foundation-Institute, Enron, Carlyle Group, etc..) and estate/business scams, extortion, and contrived crimes (Duke, Hughes, Dupont, Ramsey, Jose Trias-Hughes MI, etc...) have been used to create prominent figures in the financial community to include: George and Gar Millay, Sid and Lee Bass, Ted Turner, Donald Trump, Bush Senior (AOL stocks, Carlyle Group), Rupert Murdoch (Robert Maxwell preceded-FOX was a Hughes holding) etc... These are not "self-created" individuals. They have simply "fed at the trough" and made their appropriate bargains as "caretakers" of their holdings with control relegated to the NWO hierarchy. Turner screamed like crazy when "They" told him to donate the $1 Bil to the United Nations.

These people are aware of the "Library" as they have made several incursive breeches to "test the waters". Our mutual defense of releasing data to sympathetic parties and organizations through tried and proven sources have proven "fail-safe" in securing breeches: "The cost of intrusion is extremely high".

I would like to conclude by saying: "This time around...the Watchers are watched".

Another Post from GLP Yesterday Dec. 19

It is, of course, supremely inadvisable to hold fast to political allegiances when you work in the field of national security.

My friend and technical assistant Felix is a Social Democrat and therefore looks favourably upon Mr Schroeder. For my part, I'm what you Americans would call a Libertarian. My friend Mr Mollemann, who was expected to assume leadership of the Free Democrats, held to a number of ideals that were essentially Libertarian; and he had also started to speak out against Israel and, privately, against the way in which Mossad actively bribes, bullies and blackmails German politicians and government ministers to favour the agenda of select corporations. Two weeks later he died in a "tragic accident".

(Everyone working for the BND knows the full facts about the Mossad Sayim who tampered with his parachute, but for some very strange reason these details remain away from the public domain in a little brown file labelled "Case Closed".)

Because I was assigned the desk of Political Analyst (after many years as a field operative), I had the great fortune of meeting with Mr Mollemann on a number of occasions. He knew about what is happening in Germany and he vowed to put an end to it. He knew how the Hidden Hand had successfully destroyed Britain and America's industrial heartlands and he was not going to allow them to hollow-out the German economy and German society in the same way.

He knew that the best guarantor of a world free from the threat of war and endless violence was absolute honesty on the part of politicians, and he was within weeks of telling the world the truth about America's 9-11 and the Wolfowitz Network. He knew too much.

"Wer gegen Jachowa ist, muߠsterben."

As I imparted to you yesterday, there is nothing more awful than knowing in advance the identity of men who are about to commit a crime against humanity, yet being told to keep quiet for fear of upsetting the perpetrators. America's Deputy Defence Secretary directly authorised the killing of thousands of Americans on 9-11, and yet today I watched him on a newsfeed congratulating American soldiers for risking their lives in the fight against "terrorists". You can call me an old-fashioned guy, but somehow that doesn't seem right to me.

My greatest fear for Germany, and Europe as a whole, is that one day we will end up with a media every bit as controlled as America's. Now I would be the last to claim that we have a free and open press in Germany. I know how the system works. I know about a great many crimes, financial and sexual, that have been committed by ministers in German governments over the last thirty years. I know more than Mr M'mann ever knew, and I know just how many of those stories were killed before they ever reached the ears of a journalist or, if they did, how those journalists were "persuaded" to "think about their longterm careers" and be "sensible".

That said, Germans would never tolerate being lied to in the way that Americans are deceived every day they draw breath. Many years ago I did a sabbatical in the United States to train with CIA operatives. Later, because the Justice Department insisted, we did an equal amount of training with the FBI. I was astonished at the openness and good-humoured honesty of my American colleagues and I was somewhat taken aback by America's vast landscape of protected rights and constitutional freedoms. But even then I was cognisant of the hypnotising effects on ordinary Americans wrought by the Hidden Hand through its Israel-controlled media.

Unknown to the FBI and CIA, I was also briefed by my handlers to investigate Defence Secretary Casper Weinberger, who we already knew to be a Mossad asset. In fact, the BND managed to acquire a copy of all 2,000 pages of Mr Weinberger's "missing document" long before Congress demanded an investigation, later known as the Iran-Contra hearings. Our BND contact in Tel Aviv confirmed that, from 1985, Weinberger met regularly with Mossad Director Nahum Admoni at the Sheraton Moriah in Room 33 for receipt of secret payments for "services to the motherland, Israel".

During his tenure in the Reagan administration, Mr Weinberger quietly deposited over 3 million US dollars in two separate bank accounts in Switzerland: the United Bank of Switzerland and the Intermaritime Bank of Geneva, which was managed by a Mossad agent called Bruce Rappaport.

Mr Rappaport played an important role in helping both Admoni and the British MI6 finance a number of projects spawned by the British-created Muslim Brotherhood. One of those projects had been ongoing for quite some time: al-Qaeda, headed by US-trained CIA pointman Tim Osman, otherwise known as Osama bin Laden.

Mr Rappaport arranged for the vast transfer of already laundered cash (BND figures: 2.5 billion dollars) from the London division of the Bank for Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) to its Swiss managing bank, the Banque de Commerce et Placements in Geneva. These funds were administered by Mossad devotee Alfred Hartmann on behalf of the new "al-Qaeda" entity.

In addition, the Israeli government was directing millions of dollars of American taxpayers money into this same account. So while US Defence Secretary Mr Weinberger was taking blood money from Admoni and selling arms to Iran, Admoni's business partners were not only managing Mr Weinbergers bribes, they were reinvesting them in building up al-Qaeda and a CIA-backed terrorist network that would play the perfect foil for Mr Wolfowitz seventeen years later.

Did Mr Wolfowitz inherit any of this money? Let me reply in the affirmative. We have evidence that not only Mr Wolfowitz, but other leading Hidden Hand members of the American and Israeli establishment are already drawing upon funds estimated at over 10 billion US dollars in various Swiss bank accounts that are primarily designed to offset the personal costs involved in relocating homes, businesses, wealth and security operations to Patagonia.

Why Patagonia?

Please allow me to make one thing very clear. None of these gentlemen will shed a single tear when ordinary Israeli citizens are destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. Their concern for them is only marginally more so than it is for the American people.

It is 23.58 CET.

Note: For the full text of German Guy communications, click here.

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