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Does the Media Have It Out for Elizabeth Warren?
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone, December 14, 2018
Posted: December 23rd, 2018

The headline in the New York Times reads: Sanders and Warren Meet and Agree: They Both Are Probably Running. At first, the story ... reads like standard election news. Dig deeper, though, and you find signs of negative media campaigns already beginning in earnest. Over the past few weeks, multiple outlets have published negative pieces about Warren in particular, deploying coverage gimmicks used to disparage candidates early in presidential campaigns before. The gist of the new Times piece is that the Warren and Sanders, if they do run, will not enjoy an easy path to the nomination. Were 23 months away from Election Day. Its beyond premature to be fretting about electability questions. Common phrases used to camouflage invented narratives include whispers abound, questions linger and todays golden oldie from the Times, concerns (as in, the prospect of Warren and Sanders running has stirred concerns). The papers are all citing each others negative stories as evidence for Warrens problems. Warren is the rare prospective presidential candidate with actual knowledge of how Wall Street works who is not a billionaire, a private equity chief or a bank lawyer. As for Sanders, the Times, which has a history of less-than-friendly history with this candidate, is also engaging in the invented-narrative game already. The national press [is] already inventing frivolous reasons to toss people with good ideas out of the race.

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