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Running on renewable energy, Burlington, Vermont powers green movement forward
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of PBS

PBS, January 31, 2014
Posted: March 16th, 2015

Burlington recently announced that it now produces or gets more power than its citizens use. And its all coming from renewable sources of energy like wind and solar and hydroelectric. Ken Nolan helps run Burlington Electric, the local utility company that supplies power to the citys 42,000 residents. Some might say, of course this is happening in Burlington the town thats often cast as a liberal, progressive haven. But Burlington and Vermont at large has plenty of economic reasons to try and do their part to tackle climate change: Vermonts iconic, multi-million dollar industries skiing and maple syrup are as dependent on the climate as any industry in the U.S. And the state suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in damage from Hurricane Irene the type of storm scientists say will grow in frequency unless we reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. Nolan says that switching from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy will likely save the city about $20 million dollars over the next two decades. Whats more, consumers havent been hit with a big price increase: while residential customers across the US have seen small but gradual increases in their utility bills over the years, Burlingtons rates havent increased since 2009. Theres nothing magic about Burlington in terms of where it sits. It was just a bunch of decisions made over ten years or more, to get towards renewable energy.

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