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Thinking Outside The GMO Box
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Forbes

Forbes, October 15, 2013
Posted: November 5th, 2013

Some argue [that Genetically Modified Organisms] are the way to feed the world and that an exploding population will require them. Others see GMO technology as part of a corporate plot to take over fields and drive farmers into debt, while everything from pesticide use to allergies are on the rise because of them. [But] the GMO debate is also distracting us from [other] interventions which have worked to dramatically reduce hunger and malnutrition over the last fifty years, and are today in desperate need of our continued support. These successful programs had a remarkable impact on the number in need today because they made small-scale farmers more profitable and families more self-reliant, diets more diverse and children and adults better educated. Success [is] not simply about increasing the physical supply of food, states Millions Fed, a report by the International Food Policy Research Institute. Rather, [successes] are about reductions in hunger that resultfrom a change in an individuals ability to secure quality food. Nutrition is multifaceted it involves access to food, water and sanitation, hygiene, disease and infection, poverty, says Nancy Haselow, Vice President of the Helen Keller International (HKI). There is no single solution to solve malnutrition, so we need to provide multiple and synergistic interventions, a combination of approaches is best. Sustainable solutions that can be left in the community, are owned by the community, and put tools and knowledge and skills in the hands of mothers and fathers are important to addressing the problem. A myriad of initiatives, non-reliant on GMO technology, have already proven successful in reducing hunger.

Note: For more on the grave risks associated with GMO foods, see the deeply revealing summary available here.

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