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Q or QAnon

The Pros and Cons of the QAnon Movement

Dear friends of PEERS,

As many dozens have asked my thoughts on Q and the QAnon movement, I want to share here what I've learned and come to believe. But first, I invite you to notice where you fall of the spectrum that ranges from Q lovers on one end to Q haters on the other.

Particularly if you fall on either end of this spectrum, I invite you to open to your higher guidance and see if you might find something new and useful here. My intention is to provide reliable information for those with an open mind to this important phenomenon.

I want to acknowledge that I am no expert on QAnon. I have watched several videos both pro and con, read a number of articles, and consult with a key Harvard graduate friend who believes there is something valuable to it. I would guestimate I've spent around a dozen hours investigating QAnon, where some Q followers have spent many hundreds of hours diving into this material. That said, I have spent many thousands of hours investigating the deep state and how it works. Given this, I have no hesitation in explaining how I suspect the QAnon movement has been infiltrated.

For those with limited time, I'll give the quick down and dirty. Though I've been intrigued, I've never been a Q follower nor a Q hater. I am deeply saddened by the way the Q movement is creating more polarization in our world which just feeds the us vs. them paradigm that has been at the root of so many of our world's problems. That said, I find Q to be unveiling some very important previously hidden truths, especially around child sex trafficking, mind control, and the secretive groups and cults involved, though the facts have often been skewed and exaggerated.

These are vitally important topics which I have been researching and reporting on for almost 20 years. They are a key focus of my work on the website, which has now received well over 20 million visits. Very few have been willing to look into the solid, verifiable evidence of these darkest aspects of humanity which, by the way, I believe exist in some form in every one of us, myself included. I believe these key topics are the most important challenges facing our world.

I am deeply dedicated to helping stop the sexual abuse and killing of children for profit (yes, snuff films are real and are huge money makers), especially when it is organized by nefarious groups and cults around the world who use it to blackmail politicians, business leaders, and more. I'm most thankful to Q for exposing these sad truths. I know that if everyone were aware of how the institutions of government, business, and more have been corrupted by child sex trafficking groups, this tragic situation would change overnight. Yet few are willing to explore these disturbing depths.

Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg on this. For an example of the solid, verifiable information I’ve put together on this, see the eye-opening documentary "Imperium" and the undeniable evidence supporting it. Or watch the suppressed documentary "Conspiracy of Silence." Both of these were made before Q came on the scene. Or read this chapter of the incredible book Lifting the Veil. I have no doubt the problem is much more serious than most people would imagine, yet I also believe it is not as severe as Q makes it out to be.

Because of the strong polarizing element and far too much exaggeration, misleading claims, and more, I cannot support the Q movement. Neither can I support a movement which believes Trump is our savior who will expose the deep state, save the trafficked children, and throw all of the perpetrators in jail. Once elected, Trump quickly surrounded himself with Wall Street bankers for advisors, in effect filling the swamp rather than draining it. And he has sold billions of dollars worth of weapons to the corrupt Saudi kingdom, which I believe is a key dark actor on the world stage.

All that said, Q has revealed valuable new information from reliable, verifiable sources that has been very helpful to me in better understanding what's going on behind the scenes in our world. I will go into more detail on these later.

History of Q

For those unaware of the history of Q, I quote a BBC article which I find accurate on this:

"In October 2017, an anonymous user put a series of posts on the message board 4chan. The user signed off as 'Q' and claimed to have a level of US security approval known as 'Q clearance'. These messages became known as 'Q drops' or 'breadcrumbs', often written in cryptic language peppered with slogans, pledges and pro-Trump themes."

Q is suspected by followers to be either an individual or a group in the U.S. government with a very high level of security clearance and in close communication with Trump. Though QAnon may or may not originally have been a clean source, I have very little doubt that it has been to a significant degree coopted by powerful, secretive groups that are now increasingly leading its followers into an us vs them mentality and even condoning violence.

Most people don't realize that the Pentagon and intelligence services spend literally billions of dollars a year on psy-ops (psychological operations), as reported in this NBC News article. Billions are spent to manipulate public opinion and forward secret agendas. With that kind of money, do you think those in the deep state have not infiltrated the Q movement to radicalize and thus discredit it? Deep state actors want us polarized, as that is what makes it easier to manipulate us and keep our attention focused on the left/right split and away from the 0.01% which manipulates from above.

If we continue fighting against “them” (whoever your chosen enemy may be), we are just perpetuating more of the same war-obsessed cycle that has ruled large portions of this world for millennia. I am a stand for moving beyond polarization and recognizing the inherent divinity at the core of all beings. I’m doing all that I can to expose and stop destructive behavior in our world while simultaneously doing my best to understand the underlying reasons which drive some to commit these crimes and to works towards rectifying these serious core issues.

And I am not looking for a savior of our world, whether it be Donald Trump, as Q posits, or the ET mothership so many believe is coming. I believe that it's up to each of us to save ourselves from the fear and polarization which is at the root of so many of our world's problems.

I've found claims by Q followers that Donald Trump has greatly increased arrests of child traffickers to be unfounded, as revealed by official White House statistics. He has made clear numerous times that this is a priority for him, yet the statistics show not much difference between arrests made during his administration compared to the previous one. Still, I want to say thank you, whoever you are, Q, for awakening so many to this great scourge.

So as has happened many times in the past, I find myself in the middle of a very polarized debate, this one between avid supporters of QAnon and those who think these QAnon supporters are dangerous and crazy. Though I have no desire to push you into believing me or what I say about this, I invite you to not fall into the polarization game. Do your own research on which parts of the QAnon phenomenon might be valid and which are not, and consider challenging yourself if you are falling into the us vs them trap around this.

Life is not black and white, folks. The more we recognize that we’re all in this together and that the deepest power lies within, the more quickly I suspect we will be able to enjoy life on this beautiful planet and to grow and have deeper, more fulfilling relationships with ourselves and with all around us.

A Deeper Perspective

There is so much misinformation and disinformation out there that it can be very challenging to figure out what's really going on. I have no doubt that certain powerful groups are fanning the flames of chaos by putting out F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) that is meant to polarize us. We know that deep state agents are using thousands of fake facebook and twitter accounts to manipulate public opinion. And peaceful movements are being infiltrated by agent provocateurs who incite violence in order to turn public opinion against the movement.

With all the confusion and chaos we are currently experiencing, I suspect that – possibly more than ever before – what we see and experience is being influenced by the conscious and unconscious beliefs and biases which filter and distort our perception. Those like QAnon followers who have a conspiracy filter are seeing conspiracy everywhere, while those who have a fear-of-disease filter are finding a plethora of reasons to live in fear and trust the official story being put out by the government and media. Especially in these challenging times, it's so important to examine and questions our own biases and beliefs.

I'm aware that this applies to me, too. I'm doing my best to recognize my own filters and see things for what they are. And it ain't easy. Regarding Q, I know there is valuable information to be gained, but I also am concerned that it may be causing more problems as it is helping to solve.

Problems with the QAnon Movement

One of my major concerns from the beginning has been how Q and Q followers believe Trump literally is a savior who behind the scenes is working to expose the deep state and to rescue the trafficked children. They have been claiming for several years that any day now, he will put the high level perpetrators behind bars. I have not seen this happen at all.

I am amazed at how so many Q followers see Trump as our savior and dismiss any faults in him. Many claim his brash and narcissistic behavior is a front necessary to do what needs to be done behind the scenes. Yet why then, among many other damaging acts, has he done so much to trash the environment and support Saudi Arabia? And why has he surrounded himself with Wall Street bankers as advisors?

A core slogan of the Q Anon movement is "WWG1WGA," which stands for "Where We Go One, We Go All." This slogan appeals to the part of us that wants to stand united for goodness and justice. It suggests that we're all in this together. Yet if you explore the literature of the movement, it is incredibly polarizing. Though in the early days of the Q movement, I saw the Bushes and many Republicans included in claims of child trafficking, more recently the movement has focused on demonizing Democrats and the Black Lives Matter movement. How is that in alignment with WWG1WGA. Is it possible that infiltrators have pushed the movement to polarize like this?

The Gap

How is it that so many who once believed the official government story on these matters so quickly convert to become avid Q followers, as happened to a wonderful friend of mine. I suspect the key reason is the huge gulf or gap between what the media and government project as reality and the very different reality those of us who have taken the time to do serious research have uncovered.

Because of this large gap, those who first discover the reliable, verifiable reports about major cover-ups around UFOs, mind control, health, and more, are often astounded and dumbfounded. It's like Alice going down the rabbit hole or taking the red pill in the film "The Matrix." Once they've opened to this new reality, they are very vulnerable and open. Because they feel like they've been duped their whole lives, these newbies often believe whatever is then presented around the conspiracies, even if it is not at all based in solid evidence, as has happened with many QAnon followers.

Subscribers to the email list that I manage know that the major media and government have either censored or underreported many huge, major cover-ups on a wide range of topics. specializes in using reliable sources to verify everything stated about these cover-ups. I've been one of the few on the Internet to report on major cover-ups and conspiracies, yet not fall into the trap of seeing conspiracy everywhere.

So many conspiracy websites sell fear and sensationalism focused on the evil cabal which is out to destroy us. Some of what they report is real and vital information, but as it is mixed with easily disproven or greatly exaggerated information, all of their work is then debunked, as in the case of QAnon. This tends to discredit even those who are doing solid, serious research on cover-ups.

Controlling factions of the power elite take advantage of this and spend lots of money to infiltrate and radicalize conspiracy movements. These infiltrators put out real information that is new and verifiable which convinces people they are trustworthy. Yet they eventually put out exaggerated and even outrageous claims which are not real, but most fall for it and don't do the research needed to show it is disinformation. We need more researchers like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Glenn Greenwald, Catherine Austin Fitts, and myself who have a careful, critical eye. They don't fall for these tactics and walk the line between official government stories and crazy, exaggerated conspiracy theories.

What I've learned from QAnon

All that said, I have learned some valuable new information from QAnon and the movement. I've found a number of facts about child trafficking groups of which I was not aware that I was able to verify using reliable sources. I compile these vetted facts and report them on and to our email list. Other things I learned were even more intriguing.

The most astounding information I have learned involved Donald Trump's uncle John.

Did you know that John Trump was an MIT professor and highly respected scientist whose patented inventions earned him the National Medal of Science, as reported in his New York Times obituary? The New Yorker describes Trump's uncle as a “brilliant scientist” who “was at M.I.T. for decades” and who helped develop X-ray machines that extended the lives of countless cancer patients. Did you know that according to this BBC article, "when legendary physicist Nikola Tesla died in 1943, Prof. Trump was asked by the FBI to examine Tesla's papers and equipment"?

Though I have reported on it very little as I don't have enough evidence that is verifiable, I'm fairly certain that Tesla was involved in time travel experiments. This may sound crazy to some, but I have met and spent several hours interviewing two credible individuals who claim to have been involved in secret government time travel programs, one of whom told me in great detail about Tesla's involvement in creating them. I've also researched several respected groups who I'm convinced have developed some form of time travel. So is it possible John Trump had access to some of Tesla's time travel experiments? Learn more about John Trump in this interesting article.

Through QAnon materials I explored, I learned about John Trump and about a 2017 Newsweek article titled, "Did an Author From the 1800s Predict the Trumps, Russia and America's Downfall?" The article reports on two books written in the late 1800s by Ingersoll Lockwood about a boy named Baron Trump from a wealthy family who travels to Russia on an adventure that shapes the rest of his life. He is guided by a master named "Don." Lockwood's final novel in 1896 was titled "The Last President." To quote the Newsweek article on this novel:

"The story begins with a scene from a panicked New York City in early November, describing a "state of uproar" after the election of an enormously opposed outsider candidate. Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of anarchists and socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses of the rich who have wronged and oppressed them for so many years. 'The Fifth Avenue Hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob,' the novel continues, citing an address in New York City where Trump Tower now stands. Some Americans begin forming a resistance, protesting what was seen as a corrupt and unethical election process."

Isn't it strange that this book gives the address of the Trump Tower as the site of the protest when the Trump Tower wasn't built until many decades later? And is it beyond belief that the resistance formed in the book could have been foretelling the QAnon movement? This is what the movement claims. Could it be, as many Q followers claim, that John Trump was involved with time travel experiments and invited his nephew to do this with him?

I know this all may seem impossible to believe, but if you knew everything I did about time travel projects and the secret groups involved, you would likely understand why I was stunned to find this fascinating information. And I acknowledge that the time travel angle is quite speculative and very difficult to verify.

The truth is nuanced

The intriguing time travel angle and other valuable information I found along with the exposure of child sex trafficking rings which lead to the highest levels leave me feeling grateful for some of the material QAnon has exposed. Yet I also strongly oppose the intense polarization, the focus on good vs evil, the glorification of Donald Trump, and the misleading exaggerations and sloppy research that characterizes most QAnon followers and the movement. Like so many controversial matters, I find there are important truths on both sides of the controversy.

The major media consistently slam QAnon and sometimes go so far as to state there is nothing true or valuable there. I have no doubt that this causes many who choose to seriously investigate the phenomenon to be more likely to swallow the red pill and even to swing from being a debunker to an avid follower. If the media were to give more balanced reporting, people could make more rational, informed evaluations and would be less likely to polarize around the issue. Sadly, the media appears to be getting more polarized with every passing year. Where are the neutral journalists who can present both sides of the story and invite us to investigate further ourselves?

I invite you to notice how much you are polarized either for or against QAnon and check if you might be open to a more nuanced view of this and of all matters around which so many are polarized. I invite you to open to higher or inner guidance as you do this and ask to be led to whatever best serves you and all of us in your investigations. By moving beyond polarization, questioning our filters, and choosing to open to and explore the various aspects of QAnon and of all things polarized, we can contribute to building a more peaceful and compassionate world.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

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