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Vitally Important Video on the War Agenda, Health, and Democracy

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls For Democratic Process

Dear friends,

In the highly engaging 33-minute video at the link below, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gives an impassioned call for a return to full democracy in these challenging times.

In this video conference presented to a large audience in Copenhagen, he first beautifully describes how both his uncle (JFK) and father were deeply committed to avoiding war. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., they both paid a dear price for their opposition to the military-industrial complex. He then incisively explains how war has been used to erode democracy.

Kennedy then explores little-known health agendas developed since 2009 and how the war-like attitude towards viruses has been used to erode and subvert democracy. Finally, he links this to our current challenging time dealing with the coronavirus. He invites us to be a stand for upholding democratic ideals even in the midst of global uncertainty, suffering, and life and death matters. Don't' miss the beautiful and passionate presentation.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for the PEERS empowerment websites
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: As a prominent environmental lawyer, RFK, Jr. has successfully confronted large corporations like Monsanto and the big oil companies. Later in his career, he learned about dangerous ingredients being added to vaccines (adjuvants) which were damaging many children (see his suppressed article). Though the media often labels him anti-vaccine, he supports vaccines for which adequate safety testing has been done on the adjuvants. Though the media often attacks him, many see him as one of the great heroes of our time. If you feel called, please support his important work with a donation using this webpage.

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