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A Prophecy of Our Times

Profound Message is Disturbing, Yet Inspiring

Dear friends,

I very rarely recommend a video like this to the list, but as I sent it to a number of friends and supporters and almost every one has told me it was quite profound for them, I've decided to recommend it here.

This highly intriguing message is from a woman who has had many contacts with ETs since her first dramatic experience in 2003. They have now been relating to her a bigger picture of what is happening on planet Earth for many years. Though she initially had serious doubts about their future scenarios, after many of these scenarios came true, she decided to go public with this message about the future, which she calls a prophecy.

If the word prophecy or contact with ETs turns you off, I invite you to suspend judgment and give a listen to her story. She shares a fascinating prophecy of visions given by various inter-dimensional contacts relating to the current state of the world and a potential trajectory showing where humanity may be headed. The message is concerning, yet ultimately very inspiring.

Here's the thrust of her message in a nutshell:

Do not engage with the fear being spread. Remain focused on the greater picture. We are powerful creators. Our thought consciousness plays a major role in what unfolds. And if we collectively agree that we are weak and want others to control how we live and think, then that is the reality we will live into. The biggest lie that has ever been put on humanity is that we are limited, that we are powerless, and that we are unworthy. If humans truly knew what we were capable of, we could rapidly change the whole of our existence with our collective intentional thoughts. Remember that even a small candle can illuminate a whole room of darkness.

I listened to to this incredible, intriguing message/prophecy and ended up feeling that somehow something important up-leveled inside me. I most highly recommend you listen to this most intriguing prophecy. You may appreciate the profound message as much as I did.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

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