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Mind Control and Torture
A Personal Testimony

Dear friends,

This message is being circulated only to those who have a very deep and broad understanding of all that is going on in our world both related to major cover-ups of which few are aware and to powerfully inspiring movements reflecting a deep paradigm shift on our planet. This is the most disturbing message I've ever posted, so only read it if you are ready to really dive deep. I have no doubt that certain individuals will be able to use this information to help stop the craziness and transform our world. Thanks for caring so much and for doing your part to make a difference.

With very best wishes for a brighter future,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

The Story of L: Military Mind Control Programs
By Fred Burks


Below is the most disturbing information I have ever received about hidden happenings deep in military mind control programs. I do not recommend this information for any who are sensitive about graphic torture or who are easily upset by stories of dark forces who want to control our world. Please do not read this if that is you. I also recommend extreme caution for survivors of mind control programs with this information, as it can trigger suicide programming.

For those who are still interested and open to learning about this, I suggest waiting to find a good time and place to read this message, so that you don't get overwhelmed or overly upset. I also highly recommend opening to spiritual guidance before you delve into this, asking for what is best for you to know in all of this, and for what you can do to help transform it.

Please realize that the below story is one man's testimony which was shared with me personally, so I cannot verify anything shared here. At the same time, it is very much in line with all that I have learned about mind control programs. Though I have extensive knowledge of these programs based on solid, easily verifiable information, my in-depth conversation with this courageous insider helped me to fill in some missing pieces of the puzzle on torture and mind control.

Please understand that I share this most bizarre and disturbing information out of a deep, unwavering desire to find ways to support what is best for all people in our world. If key people find out about this information, I have no doubt that we can find ways to stop these horrors and truly begin to build a better world for us all. And remember that even those who committed this torture have hearts and once were innocent babies. Let's do our very best to stop the torture and destructive behavior, yet still honor the divine soul in every person on our planet.


L is the name I'm using for the person who shared the below stories with me personally a while back on his involvement in military mind control programs. He gave me permission to share any of his stories, asking only that I not reveal his name. L comes across as a very sincere, warm, and friendly man who showed amazingly little anger as he shared these disturbing stories. He did say, however, that he hopes those who committed these atrocities will get their just reward.

What I've written here is based on what I remember of several hours of face to face conversations with L, so some of the details may be mistaken. I first wrote this up two days after we talked. I think you will understand how his stories opened my eyes to a deeper level of deception and control than I had known exists in our world. Yet I also have no doubt that we are transforming all of this.

L is very unusual in that, unlike most involved in deep mind control programs, he has continuous memory of almost everything that happened throughout his experiences. He used his will and divine connections to avoid splitting into alter personalities, which are used to create amnesia in most people involved in these mind control programs. Apparently his handlers didn't realize they were not successful in splitting his personality.

Of the hundreds of stories I've heard from survivors of these programs, this is the first time I've heard experiences from someone who does not rely upon recovered memories. He remembers what he experienced directly. He said he doesn't remember everything, but believes he probably remembers something like 80% of his experiences in these programs.

Strange Church Service

One memory from L's early childhood stands out related to these programs. I believe he said that this happened sometime when he was around six or seven years old. L's father was a military man, so that he grew up on various military bases. His family went to church every Sunday. He does not remember missing a Sunday service before this particular event. On the Sunday of this incident, he had been sick and in the base hospital for a few days. As he was feeling pretty good that day, he decided not to miss a Sunday service and went to a base chapel near the hospital on his own.

When L got to the chapel door, he heard some voices inside and decided to wait for the right time to go in. As he listened to what they were saying through the door, it sounded a bit strange. Most of what they were doing sounded like normal Bible reading from a church service, but instead of talking about God and Jesus, they kept using the word Lucifer.

When the time felt right to enter and L finally opened the door to go in, he was taken aback to see a group of people gathered in a circle dressed in long brown robes with hoods over their heads. This scared him. He quickly closed the door and scurried back toward his hospital room, feeling quite shaken. But he was seen by the group. Before long, a man from the chapel caught up to him and asked him how long he had been there. He said he had just opened the door and realized he was in the wrong place. The man threatened him not to tell anyone what he had seen.

Broken Arm Operation

L broke his arm at age eight. Somehow the doctors set the bones in the arm wrong, so that a second operation was required to fix it. While he was in the hospital being prepared for the second surgery, he remembers being flown in the middle of the night to a military hospital in another city and then flown back. I don't remember his description of what happened while he was in the other city, but there were some strange occurrences.

On the day of this second surgery, before going under in anesthesia, L was instructed to memorize and repeat 10 short phrases as the anesthesia was applied. He remembers that phrase three was "kill your mother." Another was "down the rabbit hole." When he questioned the one about kill your mother, he was told the words didn't have any real meaning, though it was important that he repeat all of the phrases as he went unconscious. When they then began to take him under, he went through the phrases until going unconscious, but refused to say "kill your mother."

On awakening from the anesthesia, a woman was there staring directly into his eyes as he came to. She continued to stare intensely into his eyes without a word for a long time. Eventually she did some things acting as if she were his mother in some way. I don't remember the details, but it was clear she was trying to convince L that she was his mother. After he emphatically refused to accept her as mother, she was sent away.

Base Commander Test

That same year, L was taken secretly to meet the base commander one evening. As he was escorted into the commander's office, L managed to catch just a glimpse of a boy being escorted out another door. The boy was clearly disturbed and crying. The commander strangely was sitting at his desk in nothing but his underwear.

The base commander explained to L that if he wanted to grow up to be powerful and important like himself, he would need to agree to everything that the commander ordered him to do from now on. He offered all kinds of gifts and more if L would agree to do this.

L found this all very strange and uncomfortable. When for starters, the commander instructed L to begin by giving him a blow job, L refused. After several failed attempts to convince him, L was then escorted out of the room. This was similar to an experience I had myself at age 10, when a school friend who was my age took me to meet with the owner of a large amusement part on the south side of Jersey City in New Jersey, who tried to entice me to join his "club" of young boys.

Around the same time, L's dad was offered to join some kind of secret society on the base. Before long his dad expressed disgust with the group to his wife, not knowing that L was quietly listening in on the conversation from an unseen place. L's dad quit the group and returned a special ring he had been given. Could this society have been related to the worshippers of Lucifer in the brown robes?

Programmed Assassin

As he grew up, L was brought into secret military mind control programs and involved in strange trainings. By the age of 20, he was under training to be an assassin. He still remembers the name of the first person he was to assassinate. The man was not anyone well known, which made him wonder why he was chosen as a target. On one of many drills, L was brought by trained scuba divers underwater on training missions. L was not happy to be in this program, though initially he did not make this known to anyone.

Before the time came to carry out his first assassination, L was actually thankful to have been hit by a car and become physically handicapped as a result. Because of his permanent disability as a result of this accident, he was kicked out of the mind control program. He is very thankful that this accident kept him from going down a very different road. He has had little contact with the people in the programs since then, though there were a couple strange experiences he described which I don't remember. But before the accident, L was already resisting some of his training openly. This is when the two most disturbing incidents happened which shook him to the core.

I Want Out

In the first incident, as L has now openly declared that he wants to leave the program, he begins to get harassed one night. He eventually gets into a bad fight with several uniformed guys assigned to harass him. But L is resolute, and he's an intense fighter. After he does some serious damage to these guys, a superior officer comes in and points a gun to his head to stop the fighting. L is also significantly injured in the fight.

In this injured state, L is taken on a stretcher and loaded onto the back of a bus. From the stretcher, he sees many people he has never seen before being forced to drink some liquid as they get on the bus. Some of the people in the bus are in pajamas, while others are in suits and a variety of other attire. They appear to have been abducted and brought here. Shortly after drinking the liquid, each person goes unconscious for the duration of the ride. The uniformed men in charge appear to have forgotten about giving L this liquid.

On arrival at their unknown destination, the occupants of the bus are awoken, taken off the bus, and eventually forced to walk down a long, underground tunnel. While they are walking, L tells the extremely frightened people with him how he saw them loaded on the bus and all go unconscious after drinking a liquid given to them. They are all very glad to know this, yet extremely confused with what is going on.

Eventually they are marched out of the long tunnel into what appears to be an underground chamber with a checkerboard pattern on the floor. There are tied up children spaced out in rows on the pattern, each with a knife attached to their back. The people from the bus are ordered by the uniformed guards each to stand behind one child.

A commander appears and orders everyone when commanded to do so to take the knife attached to the back of the child in front of them and slit their throat. He demonstrates on one of the children. Blood shoots from the gaping wound in the neck of the child, who slumps over dead.

The commander then gives the command for everyone to do the same. Yet no one moves. The commander then walks up to the first person in the front row, pulls out his pistol and shoots him in the head. The man instantly falls to the ground dead. L, who is in the back row, notices guards with machine guns up in the balcony and many bullet marks on the walls. He speculates that some groups in the past may have rebelled, in which case the machine guns may have been used.

Having made his point, the commander then returns to the front of the group. He says that those who do not follow his command will have the same fate as the man he just shot. He gives the command a second time, yet still no one obeys. The commander walks up to the second person in the front row and shoots him in the head. The man's body slumps to the floor. The commander then returns to the front and gives the command a third time. This time many in the group comply, taking the knife and slitting the throat of the child in front of them.

Once the commotion dies down, the commander walks up to one of those who did not comply and shoots him in the head. He returns to the front and gives the command again. This time only a few do not comply, including L. Amidst all the noise and commotion of the last group's slaughter of children, L whispers to the boy in front of him to fake dead when he pulls the knife, and he'll try to only draw a little blood.

After the commander shoots one of the last few who refused, he gives the order one last time. This time all three remaining slit the throats of the children in front of him. L tries to draw only a little blood. Yet looking down, he sees pools of blood on the floor around the fallen child in front of him. He doesn't know if he actually killed the boy or not. All present are then marched out of the room.

A Severe Warning

Because L continues to state he wants out of the assassination program, he is ordered to undergo a special procedure. He is brought under guard into a room with two others. He learns that these two have stumbled across some very incriminating documents and have revealed some key information in the documents, or maybe were just thinking about doing that. In the room already are two guys who are in charge and a young girl strapped to what looks like an operating table. L and the two others are made to stand in a line watching the strapped down girl.

The men in charge place a plunger tube over the fully conscious young girl's heart with a knife in it attached to a plunger. The three witnesses are instructed that if they press down on the plunger, the knife will drive deep into the girl's heart instantly killing her. They are instructed that the two in charge are going to torture the girl. Any of the three watching are free at any time to kill the girl to put her out of her misery.

The two men then proceed to cut the petrified young girl's stomach open with precision medical instruments. They methodically cut out the screaming girl's organs one by one. Each time the girl goes unconscious, they apply stents to certain places inside the girl's gaping abdomen and inject her with something that forces her back to consciousness. The men appear quite well trained in how to do this.

The response of the girl seems to change each time she is brought back to consciousness. It's as if she enters a more primal state of existence each time she is recovers consciousness. Her blood-curdling screams become more bizarre and intense. She eventually lets out sounds that are almost reptilian. Finally, one of the other witnesses with L cannot bear to see the girl tortured any more and plunges the knife into the her heart to take her out of her misery.

A short while afterward, L overhears the two who tortured the girl talking casually to each other, saying that it's a shame they didn't get the chance to take her all the way back to the other-worldly voices that come out after the one tortured regresses far enough. The two men obviously have a lot of experience performing these procedures.

L later learns that the man who finally put the girl out of her misery commits suicide about a month after this traumatizing event. L realizes that this most harrowing experience was meant as a severe warning. It was meant to show him and the other two men that these people could take and do anything they wanted with them. In L's case, he was clear that should he ever threaten to expose any of his experiences in these mind control programs, he would be subjected again to these experiences or even worse.

A number of the key people L encountered in all of these programs later became prominent politicians. One of the two torturers involved in this last incident went on to become a governor. L believes this is an example of how some individuals and groups with the greatest power in our world gain complete control over those who are selected for positions of political power. Luciferian and Satanic cults are deeply involved in the implementation of these programs of torture and mind control, all as a means to further their eternal quest for more power and control.

L also knows of cases where up and coming politicians were required to go through secret rituals where they had to rape, torture, and kill a young abducted girl in order to gain the seal of approval of those in power. All of this would be video recorded in a way that, should the politician ever stray from the desires of those in control, blackmail could easily be produced to bring the politician down.


I apologize for sharing such deep, disturbing information. But if you are like me, I'd rather know what's really going on at the deepest, darkest levels, so that we can then work to stop it. I believe that by selectively sharing this information with those who might be able to do something about it, we can expose all of this and eventually put a stop to it. I'm fairly certain that increasing numbers are becoming informed of activities like this and doing what they can to stop it.

There is no way to be certain that these stories are real. Yet they are very much in line with some of the many disturbing stories I've heard from mind control survivors who I trust. Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips is the best book I've seen which shows how crazy it all gets and has some very disturbing stories along these lines. If you want additional powerful information, I most highly recommend the revealing lesson on mind control we have compiled at

I also invite you to remember that even those committing these atrocities have hearts. Many of them were brought up in secret societies and cults where they themselves were tortured and forced into submission at an early age. Moral feelings were driven out of them when they were young, so that they could better serve the elite who desire to control the world. Can we have compassion for what they have been through while still doing all that we can to stop the torture and destructive behavior?

I don't believe all top politicians are controlled in such a severe manner, yet I do suspect that a significant percentage are. Let's do our best to energetically contact the souls of all involved in these programs and invite them to remember who they are, and to open to a greater good. And I invite us to look at our own lives, too, to see where the desire for power and control might cause us to harm or otherwise disempower people around us. We can also call in divine guidance to help us behind the scenes in transforming all of this.

I believe getting the word out to the right people on this can make a big difference. Thanks for being willing to look at this darkest chapter of the human experience and for your interest in joining to transform all of this. Remember that at the same time as all of this craziness, there are amazingly inspiring things going on here on planet Earth. I am very optimistic that we are rapidly entering a new paradigm. Let us all do our best to bring on the shift.

With very best wishes for powerful transformation,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

Note: To understand mind control in relation the the big picture of what is happening on planet Earth, I most highly recommend exploring the resources at this link. Together, we are making a big difference.

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