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Message for Survivors

Message of Hope for Mind Control Survivors

"I stopped thinking about being controlled and let go of the belief that I could not escape the mind control. I stopped identifying with being powerless. I instead focused on learning how to be in my body and present with the tension and the fears and terrors that ego needs in order to survive. Being in the present moment allowed me to move through all this to become who I really am. That changed everything."  ~~  Naomi Lombardi describing her healing journey as a mind control survivor

Dear friends,

The hopeful message below is meant for survivors of mind control programs who have had their personalities fractured and much more. Naomi Lombardi is a courageous woman who has been through it. Though she only uncovered the disturbing memories later in life, her ongoing healing journey shared here can serve as an inspiration to any who are involved in this important process of healing.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: For a collection of resources available to support survivors of mind control, click here.

Message for Survivors
By Naomi Lombardi

To those who have suffered under mind control programs,

I might not have awoken to my own programming if in 2008 I hadn't done the 21 lessons of the free Transformation Course, for which I am deeply grateful. On going through lesson 14, which focuses on mind control, I first hit the wall and was rudely awakened. But it took a few more years for me to be able to go deep enough to release myself and begin the hard work of breaking free of the programming.

Meditation was the first key that did it. Meditation helped me to become aware of "false identifications" that I knew were not me, and that were buried deep in my unconscious. With practice, I developed a habit over the years of not reacting, of having equanimity whenever anything arose that might disturb the balance of my mind. I learned to welcome my peace, to be curious, and to inquire without judgment.

I studied meditation and more with Tibetan Buddhist teachers, but one doesn't need to be a Buddhist to break free. I am a Truth Seeker and "tend" towards the light.  So many times along the way, I was again reminded that I would have to take full responsibility for what is in the contents of my own mind. I have continually had to let go of thinking that I am powerless to change and go deeper. I became ever more clear that I am not powerless. I am powerful — full of power. I have no doubt now that there are infinite possibilities.

There came a time when I was so tired of being unable to function fully, so tired of experiencing so much physical pain and anxiety, that I put my foot down and said NO! I will not have this! I can change. And I will change. Countless times I made this decision.

I remembered fully back in January 2015 (though the path opened in 2003 when I had a near death experience) that as a child I had been programmed at a certain time to die. I spent the few years after that time literally fighting for my life. I chose to live again and again.

I chose to "live" hundreds of times, when it would have been easier to die. I spent many years trying to find the place inside that wanted to die, so that I could work with it, so that I could begin to find out who I am, so that I could ever more love and trust that inner space. Diving inward, I learned to embody my innocence and embrace my deep vulnerability. Ego eventually melts into the essence that was forced to split off. 

Even these many years later with my memories now more or less intact, I needed help. I needed a guide. So I moved to a new location and began a new life for myself. I engaged with the process of inquiry in a three-year study program. I dove into the unconscious and built skillful means so that I could unravel my own beautiful inner mystery to become whole and complete. Simple practices over time helped me have the power to transform my mental habits of withdrawing and disappearing into a desire to connect and show up fully as me. 

I’ve now started the second year of my program and am astonished at a key turning point:  I stopped thinking about being controlled and let go of thinking (the belief) that I could not escape the mind control. I stopped identifying with being powerless. I instead focused on learning how to be in my body and present with the tension and the fears and terrors that ego (the pain body) needs in order to survive. Being in the present moment allowed me to move through all this to become who I really am. That changed everything.

I began to empower myself. Ego structure is the same in complex trauma (mind control programming) as in any trauma. MY MIND CREATED THE EGO STRUCTURES AND MY MIND CAN UNCREATE THOSE EGO STRUCTURES. I am the source. And there is no spiritual bypass.

The ancient Sufi teachings (just think about Rumi's poetry) are deeply hidden and protected, because they heal and invite us back into our bodies. Being embodied is the key, yet it is much easier said than done. 

One of the most important methods that I have used to heal is to transform the heavy dense ego state into light. When as children we split off, our light was dimmed. Our egos could not see. We were without the light. Ego splintered, filling in where we could not take it, where we could not tolerate the experience. Ego is not bad, we just need to teach ego to trust us, to trust the process.

I got help. There is a man who can help deprogram. Without him I might not be where I am today. He said that I can refer others to him. He does matrix re-patterning and uses consciousness to help with deprogramming. This mind control stuff goes all the way back to Babylon and unfortunately they have it down to a fine art and science. It is a lot about DNA. Everything is FREQUENCY. You must remember that frequencies can be broken and the patterns related to frequency can be changed.

Lucid dreaming is another powerful tool that opens up my unconscious and reveals past scenarios that happened to me. I have remembered being drugged and sold into human trafficking rings for most of my first 18 years and beyond. I have gained access to a hidden past. It was heart rendering though, to discover the depth of betrayal from my "family.” It is not easy to go through the remembering. It nearly killed me to allow myself to wake up to this reality. It broke my heart, which I am continually mending.

I believe the end goal of the force of negativity is to destroy everything good, innocent, and vulnerable, to destroy the feminine (in both women and men), the sacred feminine, our Mother Earth Goddess, and our ability to reproduce. The end goal is to destroy the cohesion of a healthy family and to undermine THE POWER OF LOVE. Yet once we fully understand how the frequencies of light operate, the darkness and its minions have no power over us. 

I once heard a man who is also recovering from SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) say that the only thing his complicit father was afraid of was the Goddess. They are terrified of Truth, Love, and Light. And the Goddess is the embodiment of this truth. So, let's journey directly into this truth and claim our power. We need each other to break free.

What the dark force did not consider is that there is something in each one of us and in the universe that can never be destroyed — the indestructible Truth. Truth cannot be destroyed.

I am writing a handbook of how I have been deprogramming myself to share with others, “Riding the Wind: Breaking Free of the Shackles of Ego.” It is meant to deal with both simple trauma and complex. It is my offering to humanity. One day soon, I will share this...

My heart opens to the suffering you have endured. I invite you to join me in becoming a beacon of light for others.

Naomi Lombardi
MA Clinical Psychology
Website: Breaking Free of Trauma Based Mind Control

Note: For a collection of resources available to support survivors of mind control, click here.

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