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Exposed: The Carlyle Group

Dutch National TV Exposes How Power Corrupts
Our Democracy Through the Carlyle Group


Dear friends,


If you want to understand why the US government is so reluctant to reveal any significant information about their involvement with the Saudi Royal family, watch this informative video on the Carlyle Group. If you want to know why George Bush Sr. was in a meeting with one of Osama bin Laden's brothers the day before 9/11 (Washington Post, 3/16/03), watch this highly revealing video. To understand how the US government, military, and business collude to pad the pockets of those in the ruling elite who are willing to play ball with the powerful Carlyle Group, watch this excellent 45-minute video titled Exposed: The Carlyle Group, available free at the link below.


As this presentation was made for Dutch national television, the first two minutes of Exposed: The Carlyle Group are broadcast in Dutch. The rest of the film (with a few short exceptions) is in English with Dutch subtitles. Please help to inform and educate your colleagues and friends on how power corrupts by spreading the word on the little-known Carlyle Group. By working together to inform the public of what is being hidden from us, we can begin to restore a full, respectable democracy to the US and to our world. Take care.


Exposed: The Carlyle Group


If the above link fails, click here. Note that the first two minutes are in Dutch, but the remainder is in English.  


With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

P.S. For more reliable, verifiable information on these important matters, click here.



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Power Corrupts: The Carlyle Group;