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Secret Societies and Mind Control
Insider Testimony on Secret Societies and Mind Control

"For any who have explored into the dark realms of mind control and secret societies, this material is a gold mine."

Dear friends,

An insider who escaped from what may be the largest secret society in the world has spoken out and helped to put together key pieces of the puzzle of what is going on behind the scenes in our world. Using the name Svali, this courageous woman has given in-depth descriptions of her involvement as a mind control trainer in this major cult. Brought up from childhood in the cult, Svali was unaware of how deeply she had been manipulated until she one day realized that the same lies she was feeding to the children she was charged with programming had been fed to her as a child.

Please note that the powerful information provided by Svali can be quite disturbing. It also does not conform to the normal standards of reliability and verifiability used on our website. Yet it is of such great importance that I felt it necessary to share this information with all who might be interested. I only recommend this material for those who really want to know the deepest levels of deception and manipulation going on in our world. If you want to go straight to a summary of this material now, click on the link below. For those who want a little more background, read on.

I have been investigating all that is being hidden from the public for over 10 years now using the most reliable, verifiable sources available. Yet until 2001, I was a debunker of major conspiracy theories. At the time, after 15 years with the U.S. Department of State, I had moved up the ranks to become the top Indonesian language interpreter there. In secret meetings at the White House and elsewhere where I served presidents and other top dignitaries, I had not seen or heard anything that supported the claims of my conspiracy-minded friends.

Then in July 2001, a trusted friend sent me a powerful video that caused me to have to completely re-formulate my beliefs about the way the world worked. This then led me on an intensive quest to discover all that was going on behind the scenes. Basing my research on the most reliable, verifiable sources available, I began to put together the pieces of this complex puzzle and share the best of my findings with any interested on the now-popular website

As I explored ever deeper down the rabbit hole, I found two areas of research to be the most profound to understanding the big picture: mind control and secret societies. On the website and with the help of numerous friends and supporters, I developed powerful sections on both of these topics based in solid sources trusted by the public, including highly revealing major media reports and declassified government documents. You can explore the eye-opening section on mind control at this link, and the highly revealing section on powerful secret societies at this link.

As the website became increasing popular ( now averages over 5,000 visits per day), a number of key insiders impressed with this work contacted me and shared even deeper information. As it did not have the level of verifiability we require for most material on the website, I published very little of this inside information, yet I used it myself to attempt to better put the pieces of the big picture puzzle together. I am extremely grateful to all who have taken risks to reveal to me their own personal experiences in these major cover-ups.

Yet even with this invaluable inside information, I still didn't understand how certain key pieces of the puzzle fit together – until I began to dive into Svali's information just a few months ago. Between 2000 and 2006, Svali published a wealth of rich material on secret societies, mind control programming, cult deprogramming, and more. Then in 2006, after a key revealing audio interview was posted and drew a lot of attention, Svali disappeared from the Internet. Yet the abundance of excellent information she published still remains.

I don't expect those unaware of the major cover-ups going on behind the scenes in our world to find Svali's information useful or even believable. Yet for any who have explored into the dark realms of mind control and secret societies, this material is a gold mine. Though we don't know Svali's real name, just reading the detailed, excellent information she has provided, I and many others have been thoroughly impressed with the depth and integrity of all she has shared. And her writings have helped thousands to heal from traumatic cult programming.

If you are ready to dive into her writings, below is the best summary I've found of Svali's work. Links are also provided to explore the wealth of material she has made available. Let us all give thanks to this courageous woman and hope that she is safe and protected now, wherever she is.

Though quite valuable, the Svali material gives only one key aspect of all that is going on. For those who are interested in putting this material together with other key sources of information on mind control and secret societies, take a look at the series of essays we've put together at this link. These excellent resources paint a detailed, coherent picture not only of all that is going on in our world, but even more importantly, of what we can do about it.

Yea!!! The pieces of the big picture puzzle are finally coming together for me. Now it's just a matter of educating those who care and encouraging us all to do something about it. Please help to spread the word to those who are open to these challenging, yet vitally important matters. Together, I have no doubt that we are making a big difference and building a better world for all of us. You take care.

With best wishes for a brighter future,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

Note: If this material doesn't grab you or seems unbelievable, please simply disregard it. Though I and many others have found it very useful, each of us must come to our own conclusions as we explore such matters.

What you can do:
  • Explore our comprehensive Mind Control Information Center at this link.
  • For an excellent, verifiable two-page summary of secret mind control projects, click here.
  • Read summaries of reliable major media articles on secret societies available here.
  • Inform your media and political representatives of this important information on mind control. To contact those close to you, click here. Urge them to bring greater public awareness to the topic of mind control and testing on unsuspecting citizens.
  • Spread this news to your friends and colleagues. Share this article on key news websites using the "Share" icon on this page, so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference.

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