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BofA halts foreclosures in 50 states
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Salt Lake Tribune/Associated Press

Salt Lake Tribune/Associated Press, October 8, 2010
Posted: October 17th, 2010

A mushrooming crisis over potential flaws in foreclosure documents is threatening to throw the real estate industry into chaos as Bank of America [today] became the first bank to stop taking back tens of thousands of foreclosed homes in all 50 states. The move ... adds to growing concerns that mortgage lenders have been evicting homeowners using flawed court papers, without verifying the information in them. Bank of America Corp., the nations largest bank, said [its decision] applies to homes that the bank takes back itself and those that it transfers to investors such as mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The bank did so in reaction to mounting pressure from public officials inquiring about the accuracy of foreclosure documents. A document obtained last week by The Associated Press showed a Bank of America official acknowledging in a legal proceeding that she signed thousands of foreclosure documents a month and typically didnt read them. The official, Renee Hertzler, said in a February deposition that she signed up to 8,000 such documents a month.

Note: For any who might be facing home foreclosure, don't miss the CNN News clip with important advice from a courageous congresswoman available here. For many key reports from reliable sources on the corrupt practices of major banks, click here.

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