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Fact or fiction: Irish firm invents everlasting battery
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Irish Times (One of Ireland's leading newspapers)

Irish Times (One of Ireland's leading newspapers), January 25, 2016
Posted: February 7th, 2016

Is Steorns Orbo technology a non-polluting, supercheap source of power? Steorn emerged at the turn of the century and to date it claims to have attracted 23 million in private investment. Put at its simplest, the Orbo technology is a non-polluting, almost cost-free source of power. It is not a battery but offers the same function. At the Steorn premises a table displays rows of heavy crimson skull-shaped boxes, known as power cubes. Each, according to the claims, holds numerous small batteries which recharge themselves allowing for a permanent supply of energy. Cube units retail at 1,200 and the first orders are due to arrive with buyers this month. However, the cube is not seen by the company as a mass-market product. They are simply a showcase for the technology. The real focus is on the mobile phone that never needs to be recharged. Explaining his own technology, [company founder Sean] McCarthy dismisses previous suggestions they are claiming to have developed a perpetual motion machine (a hypothetical device that works indefinitely without an apparent energy source) as there [are] no moving parts. Technically it isnt a battery at all; youd call it a battery substitute technology. Its something that replaces the function of the battery. It is really a generator rather than a storage device, he says.

Note: Steorn placed a full-page ad in The Economist in 2006 calling for scientists to test its new technology. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing new energy technology news articles from reliable major media sources.

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