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North Korea/Sony Story Shows How Eagerly U.S. Media Still Regurgitate Government Claims
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of The Intercept

The Intercept, January 1, 2015
Posted: January 4th, 2015

The identity of the Sony hackers is still unknown. President Obama, in a December 19 press conference, announced: We can confirm that North Korea engaged in this attack. He then vowed: We will respond. We cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the United States. The ... campaign to blame North Korea actually began two days earlier, when The New York Times [reported] that North Korea was centrally involved in the hacking of Sony Pictures computers. The same day, The Washington Post ... devoted most of its discussion to the retaliation available to the U.S. The NYT and Post [did not note] how sparse and unconvincing was the available evidence against North Korea. The day before Obamas press conference, long-time expert Marc Rogers detailed his reasons for viewing the North Korea theory as unlikely; after Obamas definitive accusation, he comprehensively reviewed the disclosed evidence and was even more assertive: there is NOTHING here that directly implicates the North Koreans and the evidence is flimsy and speculative at best. None of this expert skepticism made its way into countless media accounts of the Sony hack. North Korea was [reported to be] responsible for the hack, because the government said it was. That kind of reflexive embrace of government claims is ... dangerous [because such] claims can serve as a pretext for U.S. aggression.

Note: Read the complete article above to see why Glen Greenwald compares this propaganda campaign with the run-up to the Iraq War and the Gulf of Tonkin fraud. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about mass media deception from reliable sources.

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