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It's Time to Awaken

The Slumbering Giant Opens Its Eyes

Dear friends,

It's time for the sleeping giant to awaken. It's time for the giant to open its eyes to the deeper realities of our world. Especially in the face of this global coronavirus crisis, it's time for that giant to realize its power to shape and create its own destiny.

That sleeping giant is humanity. It's the combined energies and potentials of all of us. And one documentary can give this giant the jolt it needs to awaken and realize its power. One eye-opening documentary can bring us the awakening we need to become both the empowered sovereign individuals and the unstoppable collective power that we are, especially in this time of great uncertainty.

The name of that documentary is Conspiracy of Silence.

Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, Conspiracy of Silence was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by certain top politicians. All copies were ordered to be destroyed. Only years later did a very rough cut copy come to light provided by a courageous insider. This is a documentary that some very powerful people did not want you to see.

Up until now, the vast majority of people have closed their eyes to what is revealed in this profound, hour-long film. It presents solid evidence of how countless compromised children are provided by certain nefarious groups to powerful and influential leaders who are then caught on video having sex with children. With the power to ruin their careers by releasing these videos, these groups can then easily blackmail these leaders to help forward their own agendas. Jeffrey Epstein and his gang are but one recent example of this.

Besides blackmail, these groups forward their agenda of gaining ever greater control and power over the rest of us in two key ways: fear and polarization. They love to fan the flames of fear and to keep us divided and fighting against each other so that we don't even realize how we are being manipulated. When we are consumed by fear and polarization, it is much easier for these groups to manipulate our emotions so that without even realizing it, we acquiesce to their agenda.

When the slumbering giant briefly awakened after the 2009 banking crisis, for the first time the focus shifted from left vs. right to the 1% vs. the 99%. But these powerful groups quickly took action to put the giant back to sleep. They steered our focus away from the powerful elite back to the old polarization of conservatives fighting liberals, Obama haters fighting Obama lovers, and then Trump haters battling Trump lovers. Have you noticed that no one is talking about the 1% these days?

And now these powerful groups are using the legitimate concern of the coronavirus to push us even further into fear and polarization. There is clearly reason to be concerned and cautious with this infectious disease. Yet with predictions of millions dead in the U.S., claims of the virus being everywhere, and the deepening polarization of left vs. right, the pandemic is causing most people to once again fall into the trap of fear and polarization.

Yet even more disturbing is how so many children are being trafficked to serve both the base desires of influential leaders and the agendas of these child sex rings. If enough people knew about this they would be out in the streets demanding that it be stopped. Yet sadly, very few have been willing to look at the solid, verifiable evidence that child sex trafficking is far more rampant than was thought and, in fact, reaches to the highest levels in our world.

In these most intense times where everything in our world is changing and no one knows how it will unfold, it's vitally important that each of us and humanity as a collective be willing to shine a light into these darkest shadows.

Many feel too overwhelmed to look into these dark doings. Yet if we continue to close our eyes, this ugly wound will continue to fester and grow. Only if we have the courage to do this – the courage to look into the belly of the beast – can we make fully informed choices as we open our collective eyes and chart the path to a new, more inspiring way of life on this beautiful jewel of a planet.

Conspiracy of Silence - A documentary funded by the Discovery Channel

I recommend watching this with a friend or loved one, if possible, as what you will watch is disturbing. It may shock you to see how much power some of these child sex rings have over all branches of government. But as you will see, the information presented is incredibly well documented by many dozens of highly reputable individuals and organizations.

If we close our eyes and turn away, we risk plunging humanity into a dark future filled with fear and with ever greater isolation and loss of power. If you choose to open to this life-changing information, we can come together to make a real difference in our world.

Once you've finished watching, you will better understand how fear and polarization are used by the media, by many in government, and by the elite of our world to gain ever more power and control. You may come to the conclusion that – though the coronavirus is real and dangerous – the level of fear is being ramped up to keep everyone afraid and willing to do whatever "the authorities" tell us. You will be empowered to better make rational, educated choices, and to resist succumbing to excessive fear in these intense times.

You especially will want to know what we can do about these nefarious groups and their agenda. Once my eyes were opened, I took action and through my work online have since helped inform and educate many thousands about these hidden and disturbing aspects of our world, and equally important, to participate in making a difference. I've also been blessed to make contact with many other key awakened individuals who have opened the eyes of millions in our world. Yet we need many millions more to make this shift. And you can be a part of it.

Each of us can mend the part of the world within our reach.

You can play a vital role in helping to awaken the sleeping giant. You can help to stop the harm being done to our children and to do what we came here to do. Together, I have no doubt that we can make a huge difference and build the world we all know is possible. Once you have watched Conspiracy of Silence, please visit this webpage to learn how you can be a part of the inspiring team that is awakening the sleeping giant.

Conspiracy of Silence -

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: Please pass this message along to all you know, so that our team can grow and flourish. And lest you think this only occurs in the U.S., this 60 Minutes Australia segment and this highly revealing documentary show that it is, without doubt, a worldwide phenomenon. For a more current documentary on this topic, though not as easily verified, see Out of the Shadows.

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