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Is NESARA a Big Scam or Hoax?

Dear friends,

NESARA Scam or Hoax.

As a serious researcher of major cover-ups, many have written to ask my thoughts about NESARA. Is it a hoax or a scam? I first learned about NESARA in 2002. I have investigated this fairly carefully and have serious doubts about the NESARA claims.

Originally, there were two conflicting websites focused on NESARA. The "Dove of Oneness" version was promulgated at This well researched report from the Tacoma News Tribune reveals Dove as Shaini Goodwin, a master of deception. I highly recommend this article as it beautifully shows how some people are ensnared in this and so many other scams. The website was discontinued in 2010 after Goodwin's death. This link takes you to an archived copy of her website on

The second version, run by a Ph.D. systems engineer named Harvey Barnard, was promoted on, which claimed to be the official NESARA website. Barnard clearly denounced Dove. By using you can see that came onto the scene first in June of 2001. The Dove of Oneness NESARA website started in November of 2002. Though Barnard died in 2005, the website continued to be maintained until it was taken down in early 2015. This link takes you to an archived copy of Barnard's website.

Numerous iterations of NESARA propaganda have popped up on the Internet since these first two. I find it hard to believe any of them, though there is certainly some convincing information presented for those who don't explore deeper into the matter. The NESARA bill, available on this webpage, was written by Barnard as an "academic exercise." Though very well thought out and written, it never went anywhere, as he himself fully admitted. Dove's claims that it was secretly passed by Congress in 2000 were a fabrication, as made clear in this article.

Anyone who is encouraging you to spend money and go into debt because it won't matter anymore in the future is, in my opinion, highly suspect, especially if they are asking for your money. Read the email exchange I had on this below and the following two articles. Both articles are quite intriguing. Don't believe everything written here, but consider that at least some of it may be true.

I invite you to be careful if you do choose to be involved in this matter. I especially don't advise going further into debt with the hope that it will all be forgiven. The NESARA bill written by Barnard had some thought-provoking ideas in it, yet I'm certain it never was accepted in Congress, and it has been used by Dove and others to promote a big, sophisticated hoax. It is likely that disinformation agents are helping to promote it to lead good people down false rabbit holes. I invite us all to open to our spiritual guidance and ask for what's best for all in these matters. Take care.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: Remember that, as reported in this NBC/AP article, governments spend literally billions of dollars in psy-ops (psychological operations), some of which I have no doubt are designed lead us astray and to keep us from knowing the deeper truths.

Mr. Burks,

I ran across a quote of yours on Jean Hudon's email list. You mentioned NESARA. I have been following the NESARA'S Dove of Oneness reports for about a month now and it gave me so much hope. I did tell myself that I needed to be aware of the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probally is!" I have just been waiting to see if Jean would be talking about NESARA on his site and here you are today. Would you please be so kind as to write to me and tell me what you know about NESARA?

I'm not saying the information is not true, but there are huge amounts of money and time being spent to concoct stories which gullible, well intentioned New Age people like ourselves will often swallow all too easily. NESARA is a wonderful example of that if you have heard of it. Yes, we need to spread the news for those who are ready to hear, but let's make sure that news is credible. Thank you so much for your time.

April 29, 2003

Hi Elizabeth

Having been involved in high level politics as an interpreter, I was both very impressed and very suspicious of NESARA when I first heard about it almost a year ago. It was just too big to be kept a secret, even though it was done incredibly professionally. I am fairly certain that it is secret government disinformation to throw good-hearted people off the track, and to drive people further into debt, thinking they won't have to pay for it. One of our team has talked with Dove and was disturbed with her responses as well. She recommends the articles below. Thanks for checking in and have a wonderful, blessed day!

With lots of love and support,
Fred Burks
April 29, 2003

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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum


Posted By: Patriotlad
Date: Tuesday, 24 December 2002, 12:03 p.m.


For several weeks, in a series of postings and opinions published here on Rumor Mill News, the CEO of the Durham Trust has related the story of how E.J. and Doris J. Ekker of Tehachapi, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, have created fraudulent financial instruments based on the mammoth Peruvian Commodity Contract known as the Bonus 3392-181. V.K. Durham, also known as Granny Herrman or the widow of Colonel Russell Herrman of the OSS and CIA, is that CEO and is the lawful signatory to the Bonus Contract. In the series of articles entitled the Texas Two Step & The Billionaire Boys' Club, she detailed the ways in which a select group of corporate leaders and politicians tried to create an "insiders' only" club for doing business in the whole of the western world. She has given precise details of the murder of her husband, Colonel Herrman.

She has revealed that the two Ekkers, who were long-time scam artists operating under various corporation or partnership names, created an entire mythology of a "Spaceship Commander" from the Pleiades -- named Hatonn -- who communicated by a special radio frequency that only Doris Ekkers could receive. She has discussed how the creation of the Global Alliance Investment Association and other groups which may use a similar acronym -- GAIA -- are the "financial muscle" behind this cult mythology. She has related to RMN readers how this self-styled channel for the "Hatonn" has also reserved the alias of Germain, as in St. Germain, the Ascended Master who was also a man of noble birth who lived in France prior to their Revolution.

V.K. Durham has provided extensive documentation and made the links to show that the Ekkers' scams have netted them something in excess of $17 million in gold and that they left behind some $5 million in gold coins, when they skedaddled out of the United States in late 1997. She and others have provided information linking the Ekkers to scams run on elderly U.S. Citizens, like Betty Tuten of Nevada, who lost $402,000 to one of their "investment" plans.

An article published in the Sunday Telegraph of London in 2001 revealed that the Ekkers took a fortune in gold coins from a retired mathematician in Austin, Texas, one Dave Overton, by selling him on the reality of their spaceship commander -- Hatonn. He was a mathematical genius and a notable eccentric, and a Nevada court determined in 1994 that Mr. Overton had been swindled by the Ekkers and George Green, their one-time business agent. After he died, his estate was probated and some of the money they took from him was returned to it.

Through it all, these two Ekkers have conducted their business -- which is nothing more than scamming, selling mythologies and dreams of interstellar glory, and falsified gold bonds and instruments -- with the help of a bewildering variety of corporations and partnerships. The Ekkers even founded a church and then used that Church to sue themselves! Why? It was done in order to get publicity, to create a 'victim status,' and to keep the readers of their publications "involved", that is to say -- using "Ritual." Throughout it all, they have somehow won and held the allegiance of a variety of people with many talents.

The latest and deadliest scam, based on yet another improbable mythology, is the "secret law" called NESARA or the National Stabilization And Reformation Act, which has been ceaselessly propagated by one who calls herself "the Dove of Oneness". The mythologies of NESARA all revolve around the legitimate losses and the truly tragic swindles of the Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of farm and ranching families and rural businesses were drawn into the whirlpool of bankruptcy and foreclosures, and from that long-running tragedy was generated a movement which has been called The Farm Claims.

The Dove of Oneness, who claims to receive messages from the Ascended Master St. Germain, has taken many opportunities to link the origin of NESARA as a secret law reforming the whole of the United States' tax code, abolishing the income tax, to then moving the country into a gold standard. Whether this individual knows it or not, the so-called Master is none other than Doris J. Ekker, who has registered the alias of St. Germain.

NESARA is not just a mythology. It is not just a scam designed to build an e-mail list for later use by other confidence men, fraud experts and flim-flam artists! It is an incredibly dangerous and insidious trap, a psychological warfare tactic, designed to ensnare thousands of good and patriotic Americans, and to taint and sully the whole of a group of people who have become known as "the Children of Light."

This message arrived just two days ago, while the Rumor Mill Forum was still down, and it comes from an impeccable source:

"E.J. Ekker has been a Navy intelligence asset for almost 30 years."

But isn't Naval Intelligence the soul of Faction Two?

Talk about turning on the lights! The plan is to destroy the Children of Light, before they ever see one dollar of prosperity from any program or any fund of any kind!

Talk about selling out the Children of Light, for the benefit of the Dark Agenda, as Dove calls it! The question immediately redounds -- how can a man who is a Naval Intelligence asset operate in the clear, as a scam artist, working both traditional forms of confidence and creating an entire "spaceship mythology" with a virulently anti-Israel and anti-Federal Reserve System bias, continue to enjoy his success while in exile? Who is protecting him? Is it Faction 1, the New World Order and the Satanists? Is it Faction 2, the principled opposition to the New World Order and the advocates of a return to lawful money, the gold standard and the Constitution? Why does E.J. Ekker seem to have complete and absolute immunity, even as he and Doris J. Ekker float their false instruments to leverage gold and funnel monies to the Al Qaeda network of terrorist groups? Which side are they on?

The answer is shocking and shockingly obvious:

The Ekkers are on both sides. They are Triple Agents, the most skilled and skilful operatives ever known, and they have very nearly succeeded in selling their entire NESARA ~ Farm Claims ~ Prosperity Programs mythology to a monster-sized audience. But why? Why pull a Triple Cross on the people of the United States and Canada, and all the others who have put money into prosperity programs like the Bergavine, the SBC, the Treasurygate and the mighty Omega? What is the purpose?


The impeccable source also informs Rumor Mill News that E.J. Ekker was one of the most brilliant operatives ever to appear in the world of "cloak and daggers." When connecting the dots, it now appears clear, very clear, that he is a Triple Agent:

*** The Ekkers, and E.J. in particular, are Triple Agents and the NESARA mythology is a scam, but more than that, it is a Triple Cross --

1. The first purpose of Faction 2 has been, we are told, to bankrupt and destroy the Federal Reserve System, which is the private banking cartel and the oppressor holding sway over these United States (and Canada, too). What E.J. Ekker was conniving to do, was to bring in those gold-backed bonds and gold certificates and to bring the cash that the phony Deeds of Assignment were used to create, to whack the Fed Res Sys into pieces. No doubt some of what Ekker has assembled in the portfolio of GAIA is legitimate. But most of it is a forgery.

2. The Faction opposing the New World Order has been linked to Naval Intelligence, and to men who are loyal to the Constitution and the organic United States: now it is clear that the Ekkers were tripling-up -- working their bona fides as F-1 agents and representing themselves to Faction 2 as having 'defected in place'. V.K. Durham confirms that Doris Ekker has often represented herself as "working for a higher authority" than the President! In reality, the Ekkers have been working for F-1, the Satanic New World Order at a much higher level!

3. The drive for nine months or more, with the Dove, et al., has been to build her email list. Clearly, the goal of F-1 was to allow F-2 to use those false Deeds of Assignment, along with many legitimate instruments and other gold assets, to bring those Trillions said to be in the prosperity programs back into play. To do what is right and proper in making "whole" the great tragedy of the farm and ranch foreclosures and the ruined lives that spawned the Farm Claims.

4. Now, to bring these assets into the country as financial instruments convertible into monies, would be a good thing if they were not based on the fraudulent Deeds of Assignment written by the Ekkers and using -- among other things -- their false front Cosmos Seafood Energy groups. But the money is coming in from abroad, that does make it subject to federal oversight, and so what happens next?


The Ekkers will be revealed in the mass (controlled) media as being the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Momma of the Al Qaeda! Then, just when the Trillions of dollars which the Ekkers have ginned up by selling falsified gold instruments, actually move into position and the program recipients are given access.

Then -- the Children of Light would be tarred with the brush of having taken money directly from the Al Qaeda Headquarters in Manila, and by way of Islamic banking operations which are holding debentures! The Federal Reserve System would be tasked to seek out and seize or freeze all of these funds (thus, sacrificing the Ekkers), and federal law enforcement and Anti-Terrorist units would then proceed to use the Dove list! They would then seek out and arrest the most prominent supporters of these legitimate Farm Claims, thus destroying the nucleus of a true political opposition by decapitating and ruining its most ardent advocates.

The gravity of the situation cannot be underestimated! Whereas it is not practical to arrest 300,000+ people around the world in one or two day's time, it is not actually necessary to do that at all! The purpose is to take down the Farm Claims activists, not to take the properties they have already lost, but to turn them into confessed criminals or indicted co-conspirators!

The people on the Dove list would be arrested for "financial terrorism" as soon as they got their monies in their accounts, and sought to access. Meanwhile the Children of Light would either be sullied and made pariahs, or set up for indictments, too. The monies -- all of the Trillions -- would then be seized or frozen or sequestered, and the Fed Res Sys would be made liquid again by keeping all those assets in place in their member banks. We know from experience that it takes years to get seized assets back, the legal costs are immense, and what assets are the Farm Claimants going to have to use? None.

V.K. Durham estimates that the liabilities for bad paper and bad derivatives investments, accruing to the Federal Reserve System are at or in excess of $31 Trillion dollars. Then, consider that the total said to be moving into the Omega, Bergavine, Farm Claims and other related programs is in excess of $37 Trillion dollars USDA. That leaves a nice "skim" of some $5 to 6 Trillion in gold-backed monies for the use of those who are on 'the inside' with this brilliant Triple Cross.

It is a Triple Play, in the parlance of baseball, and every runner is put out, and all the bases are cleared. The impeccable source reporting to Rumor Mill News said this about E.J. Ekker, as a spy, a confidence man, a planner --

"... his skills alone are some of the best around and he has always surrounded himself with the best in all fields", and that includes the use of the Internet and computers and tracking.

The Ekkers are operating the Dove as an asset, even if she doesn't know it: she and her crew are a GAIA cell. So, too, is Patrick Bellringer. So? So, it does matter, in life and death terms, it does matter!

The Dove's legion of followers would suddenly be faced with doing hard time, once they did get their monies; and their defense would be the illusory NESARA law, which nobody has ever seen in print. Furthermore, the Children of Light would be both disenfranchised and "targetted" as supporters or co-operators with the Al Qaeda, and the now-bankrupt Fed Res Sys would be given new life -- albeit a new life based on the fraudulent Deeds of Assignment, debentures and other instruments faked up and phonied up by the Ekkers and their crew -- but a life that they could easily continue to live and enjoy!

Triple Threat. Triple Cross. Triple Play.

If you are on the Dove's list -- YOU ARE IT, and YOU ARE OUT.

Rumors—The "Real" NESARA

Dr. Harvey Barnard started his search for a root cause and the solutions to America's social problems in the late 1960s when a professor at Louisiana State University casually remarked during a lecture that social and economic problems could be analyzed and solved with the same tools and techniques used to solve industrial problems. That single comment launched a lifetime pursuit of intellectual curiosity that later became a crusade, driven by nothing more than the challenge of doing the seemingly impossible.

After many years of personal study, Dr. Barnard developed a new theory of money. His NESARA legislative proposal began as a formal idea in the late 1980s. The current NESARA proposal saw first light in the early 1990s as a proposal for monetary policy reform. Later Dr. Barnard added his proposals for fiscal policy reform. In 1996 Dr. Barnard self-published his first version of Draining the Swamp, which contained the first public copy of his full NESARA proposal. He circulated copies to members of Congress and other influential political actors. After numerous personal attempts to introduce NESARA to Congress, including attempts to encourage presidential candidates to use NESARA as part of a political reform platform, Dr. Barnard decided that the best hope for meaningful reform was through a grass roots effort.'

In 1999, with the world wide web beginning to impact modern social structures, he decided to place his NESARA proposal into the public domain and went live with his web site in the summer of 2000. He founded the NESARA Institute in 2001. Shortly after introducing NESARA to the world wide web, certain people latched onto the NESARA idea and began promoting a different version of this story. Supporters of the altered version of the NESARA story believe that NESARA was enacted into law secretly during the Clinton administration, that there are "White Knights" working tirelessly behind the political scenes to inform the world of this secret legislation, and that the altered version of NESARA promises numerous debt forgiveness elements.

Originally, the altered story did not dispute the original NESARA acronym used by Dr. Barnard, but as the rumors increased, supporters then also altered the NESARA acronym. Although little more than a curiosity for a few years, the altered version of the NESARA story took on a life of its own and now grows throughout the world wide web much like a cancer. So influential is this alternate effort that many people have protested outside the World Court, and some people have paid thousands of dollars to advertise their version of NESARA on the side panels of advertising trucks in Washington, D.C. Sadly, this disinformation campaign has reduced the credibility of Dr. Barnard's efforts and today the word "NESARA" is an ill-received word at Congress. To this day Dr. Barnard's NESARA proposal has yet to be introduced into Congress.

The staff at the NESARA Institute understands part of the emotional and psychological reasons why people support the alternate version of NESARA. Dr. Barnard intended to provide meaningful social reform through his NESARA proposal. He believed that no meaningful social reform was possible without meaningful monetary system reform. Dr. Barnard believed that although individual units of money were privately owned, the monetary exchange system itself was owned by everybody and that the system must be fair and equitable to all people at all times and not just benefit a few politically privileged people.

Part of that monetary reform required modifying the fundamental equations that drive the current economic system, primarily through the socially disruptive concept known as compound interest. By restructuring those equations Dr. Barnard believed that meaningful monetary reform was possible. Restructuring those equations necessarily implied a shift in the character of debt. Debt would not disappear, but most people would find themselves in debt for shorter periods. This effort would return resources to people so that they once again tasted and experienced meaningful social liberty.

Unfortunately, many supporters of the alternate NESARA story interpreted this change in the character of debt as a debt reduction or debt forgiveness plan. Perhaps more sadly is that several investment schemes and prosperity programs circulate around this alternate NESARA story and because so many people desire meaningful monetary reform, find themselves succumbing to the Siren's lure and provide these schemers money. Money that is never again seen nor is any return on investment ever realized. Of course, the alternate NESARA story rests upon a conspiracy theory in that NESARA allegedly was passed secretly.

Thus, researchers can ask for a copy of this alleged act, but will be told that no copy exists because of the secret passage. Diligent researchers are reminded of the impossibility of honestly investigating this alternate version of NESARA and that such difficulties should provide clues about authenticity. Additionally, the process of enacting a legislative proposal and bill into law is easily understood by surfing the web. Researchers will learn that no proposed legislation or bill is ever enacted secretly. Of course, the copy of NESARA proposed by Dr. Barnard is available here at this web site, as well as in Draining the Swamp.

There also are claims from supporters of the alternate NESARA that Dr. Barnard and NESARA Institute staff members all work for President Bush or other nefarious "New World Order" organizations. They also claim that NESARA as presented here at this web site is merely a ploy to detract people from knowing the so-called "true" NESARA. Before investing funds with anybody, one should diligently research the investment plan. That research includes reading literature, conversing with people, and then seriously evaluating the information based upon facts and not pure emotion. The staff at the NESARA Institute empathizes with those who have lost hard earned funds to these schemers and scam promoters, but a life of social liberty begins first and foremost with self-responsibility. Perhaps one day the alternate NESARA story will fizzle and disappear, but as long as people act and respond through emotion rather than intelligence then these scam artists will continue to succeed.

Some people believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but many serious NESARA advocates now realize that there also is a point of no return with some kinds of publicity. Credibility becomes a factor because of the effort to circulate the alternate NESARA story. Serious advocates of Dr. Barnard's NESARA idea would like to see NESARA introduced into Congress. Serious advocates realize that doing so is an uphill battle simply through the fundamental political process, but that the alternate NESARA story makes that hill steeper and more difficult to climb. True monetary and fiscal policy reform still await. Social conflict continues because of the flawed equations that drive the system.

Please exercise some common sense before deciding to support the alternate NESARA story. For further information:

What is a Rabbit? Rumors—Treasury Reserve Banks
Rumors—Secret Enactments and Prosperity
Rumors—WTC and Pentagon
Wikipedia—Dr. Harvey Barnard
Wikipedia—The NESARA Conspiracy TheoryQuatloos—NESARA Scam

The News Tribune

Dove of Oneness: Snared by a cybercult queen, by Sean Robinson
Dove of Oneness: Up against ‘the dark agenda', by Sean Robinson
An annoyed Dove gives her proof of NESARA's existence, by Sean Robinson
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Dove of Oneness story draws criticism, energy, praise, by David Zeeck
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The American Free Press
NESARA: Too Good to Be True? Maybe Not..., by John Tiffany


Monetary changes promise prosperity for all, by Ron Strom

All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.

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