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Hunter Biden is being hounded by truth and justice – and he only has his repeated lies to blame
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of New York Post

New York Post, May 22, 2024
Posted: June 11th, 2024

Hunter Biden was hit with a double whammy Wednesday. First, a new filing by the prosecution in his upcoming gun-felony trial in Delaware poured scorn on Hunter’s legal team’s bizarrely persistent denial that his laptop and its contents are authentic. Then IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler delivered 100 pages of new bombshell evidence showing Hunter lied repeatedly to investigators in his sworn congressional testimony in February, prompting House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith to raise the prospect of perjury charges against the first son. Shapley also produced a document that adds further weight to the suspicion that Hunter’s “sugar brother” ... Kevin Morris, was under CIA protection. Hunter lied about his shakedown WhatsApp message to CEFC employee Raymond Zhao on July 30, 2017, said Smith, when his committee voted to publicly release the new whistleblower documents. “These documents make clear that Hunter Biden was using his father’s name to shake down a Chinese businessman — and it worked. And when confronted by congressional investigators about it, he lied,” the panel said. The CIA’s shadowy hand can be seen elsewhere in the Hunter Biden story, including in the rapid approval of the “Dirty 51” letter signed by 51 former intelligence operatives (mainly from the CIA) before the 2020 election that falsely claimed that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on intelligence agency corruption from reliable major media sources.

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