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Most Inspiring and Transformational Materials

Most Transformational, Inspiring Books, Magazines, Videos, Poems

This list of highly transformational and inspiring essays, books, videos, and poems was compiled by the founder of PEERS, Fred Burks. First are seven concise, two-page essays which contain incredible gems of wisdom. Following are awesomely inspiring videos, books, and poems which have touched my life in profound ways.

By opening to powerful transformation from within, we can feel more connected with all around us and more effectively join in transforming both our personal lives and the world around us through love, inspiration, and empowerment.

Most Inspiring and Transformational Essays. The seven highly inspirational essays below are only two pages in length each, yet they have the potential to initiate profound transformation.

Transform Fear Through Core Belief Work

Ideas on How to Find Your Life Purpose and Life Intentions

Building a Brighter Future

Simple Keys to a Fuller Life

Principles of Personal Transformation

Shifting Paradigms

Victim or Creator: Which Do You Choose?

Note: All of these are designed to print directly from the Internet onto two normal-sized pages for ease of printing and sharing with others.

Most Inspiring, Transformational Videos. The inspiring videos at the link below are all 15 minutes or less in length, yet they will very likely touch and inspire you in profound ways. - Most inspiring videos

Most Inspiring and Transformational Books: The single most transformative book I've read in recent years is Michael Newton's Journey of Souls. Newton, a PhD and certified Master Hypnotherapist, was an atheist who dismissed claims of reincarnation. He ended up becoming the premiere expert on life between lives, i.e. what happens from the moment of death until the time of rebirth. This book gives fascinating transcripts of dozens of people's journeys exploring their time between lives. Prepare to be both highly intrigued and inspired. 12-page summary available here.

Bestselling author Joe Dispenza's paradigm-shifting Becoming Supernatural performs the amazing feat of harmoniously interweaving solid science and transcendent spirituality while at the same time providing concrete, practical steps anyone can take to transform their lives. A doctor, a scientist, and a modern-day mystic, Dispenza writes in a style that is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. He has woven into this single volume the paradigm-altering discoveries of quantum science and the deep teachings that adepts of the past dedicated their entire lifetimes to master.

Far Journeys is a deeply moving, mind-expanding book by Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute. I thought I had a fairly deep understanding of life and existence until I read this book and the book Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind McKnight, one of Monroe's explorer team members. Monroe developed a scientific technique for helping people to have out of body experiences which gave an incredibly expanded view on life. I was blown away at how much these books expanded my awareness and allowed me to relax and enjoy life more.

Another exciting, paradigm-busting book is The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. This landmark book beautifully depicts scientifically and philosophically how everything is much more interconnected than we are led to believe. Using cutting-edge scientific experiments revealing the holographic nature of our minds and universe, Talbot shows how powerful our minds are in shaping the reality we live in. Chapter four's amazing examples of verifiable medical miracles is especially engaging. Very well researched with lots of footnotes. An excellent summary is available here.

And finally for those who are open to channeled material, the classic Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts greatly expanded my understanding of the big picture of life, as it has for many thousands who have read it. For a list of other highly inspiring books, click here.

Transform Your Finances. If you are ready for some deep transformation around finances, I invite you to learn about a concrete, yet very easy way you can help to end poverty through microcredit (also called microfinance or microlending). I recommend educating yourself and others about this highly empowering movement. When we focus less on making more and more on better using what we have for the good of all, our lives can't help but transform. And when we are in full integrity with our use of money, we can deeply transform our lives and planet. - Transform finances through microcredit

Most Inspiring Poems. The below link will take you to several of the most inspiring poems I've ever come across (one was written by me). All of them inspire us to be all that we can be and look inside of ourselves for deep pearls of wisdom. - Most inspiring poems

Most Inspiring Daily Message. For a daily email message that is guaranteed to inspire you with moving stories of personal and global transformation, "The Optimist Daily" easily tops the list for me. - Most inspiring daily message

Most Transformational Website and Online Course. A beautiful sister website provides a powerful, free online course for those who are ready to be the change. The heart and mind expanding Transformation Course explores some of the many exciting transformational movements taking place on our planet. The inspirational material in the course is artfully interwoven with reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups and corruption affecting our world. If you are ready for a journey which is guaranteed to expand your horizons and inspire your greatness in a significant way, consider exploring this highly praised online course. - The Transformation Course

Thank You. Thanks for your interest in these transformational materials. May they bring an ever increasing abundance of love and joy to your life. Have fun, and may you find rich inspiration and profound transformation as you explore all of these rich materials.

With heartfelt love and warm wishes,
Website founder Fred Burks

Note: If you are interested in some of my own writings, has some of my most inspired musings. You can find many others among the list at this link. And to read the story of my own amazing journey through life, see my essay "Down the Rabbit Hole."

Our deepest fears are the dragons that guard our greatest treasures. ~~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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